Frequently Asked Questions by Massage Therapists and Energy Healers

How much more can Massage Therapists and Energy Healers earn doing VHMT?

Competence at each level of VHMT differentiates the Vibrational massage therapist from other practitioners enough to confidently charge another ten to twenty dollars or more per level learned.

Why are there four levels of VHMT?

VHMT Levels one through four provide a very thorough and extensive training in the holistic healing arts. It is designed to support massage therapists and energy healers to producing reliable and consistent results.

  • VHMT Level 1 provides over twenty bodywork techniques plus the technologies of “The Fluid Body Model®, “Disease as a Strategy” (for survival)®, “The Language of Healing®,”and how to work with basic energy flows to identify past trauma.
  • Level 2 is empathic training in how to work with and clear trauma and the emotional issues surrounding it.
  • Level 3 shows massage therapists and energy healers how to work with the energy matrices within and surrounding the body including the meridians, the etheric envelope, Chakras and aura.
  • Level 4 trains energy healers and massage therapists how to resolve cellular memories associated with shock and trauma particularly those formed in severe injuries, birth, and the imprints of embryological development.

What makes up a Vibrational session?

Vibrational Healing Massage Therapy has six important and complementary components:

  1. Clothes on healing massage therapy
  2. Traditional (ancient) energy healing technologies such as acupressure
  3. Special distinctions of thought, emotion and language that focus the power of the mind (Neuro-linguistics and intention)
  4. Energy and movement principles of the martial arts of Aikido and Tai Chi
  5. Highly refined and subtle yogic stretching techniques
  6. Deep pressure techniques similar to Asian healing traditions such as Shiatsu

What’s Vibrational Medicine?

If you are new to the concept of energy healing or energy medicine, or question the validity of energy healing you are not alone. Because of the nature of scientific inquiry, science often takes decades to describe and quantify what it is observing. Energy medicine, and its subcategory, vibrational medicine, is no exception.

The encouraging news is that science has made tremendous progress in learning how to observe, measure and quantify the healing results of many types of energy and vibrational medicine that have been in use for thousands of years.

We invite you to read two extraordinary books that carefully describe scientific progress in these fields and that will revolutionize virtually anyone’s ways of thinking about energy healing and vibrational medicine: Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis by Dr. James Oshman and Vibrational Medicine by Richard Gerber, M.D.

What’s the relationship of emotions and healing?

That’s a rather broad question that would require a rather in-depth answer. Would you be willing for us to take a month of your time to show you? If yes, please sign up for training. More seriously, although our understanding of this relationship is likely still in its infancy, some emotional events appear to be stored in the body. When these emotions are released, there is often a parallel release in chronic body discomfort. Whether the release of the emotions changes the body patterns or visa versa is unclear. We just invite you to enjoy the benefits.

Why do you use the term “vibrational?”

We use the term “vibrational” in the name for two main reasons:

  1. Vibrational Healing Massage Therapy releases chronic tensions in your body. As the tensions release, physical vibrations sometimes occur.
  2. This type of healing modality formally belongs under the technical classification of Vibrational Medicine.

We use the term “healing” in the name because clients often report healing results.

We use the term “massage therapy” in the title of Vibrational Healing Massage Therapy because physical massage is the main vehicle or context in which the healing occurs.

Additionally, when you begin to view the world in terms of its most primary (constituent) element, “energy,” not only is it technically and scientifically more accurate terminology, you will find that your mind begins to automatically envision possibilities for change that are more difficult to imagine when focused on what you see with your eyes.

In other words, it’s a sophisticated way of thinking that leverages the most important factor in absolutely every type of healing: the power of your mind.

Why is the “power of the mind” so important?

About thirty years ago, Dr. Herbert Benson of Harvard University posed to the medical community a revolutionary question (i.e., “revolutionary” for Western medicine): If the placebo effect (“remembered wellness”) is the most common source of positive treatment outcome, then isn’t it important for all doctors and health professionals to be at least as concerned about leveraging it’s effects as leveraging other types of therapies?

Vibrational Healing Massage Therapy takes this question to heart by providing new and innovative ways of thinking, feeling and communicating about health and healing that deliberately and openly leverages the power of the mind to generate wellness results.

Why Was Vibrational Healing Massage Therapy Developed?

The developer of Vibrational Healing Massage Therapy, Patricia Cramer, is quite clear that she did not develop this to meet a particular need of which she was consciously aware.  Rather, Patricia created VHMT out of a much broader intention for optimum healing results.