Vibrational Healing Massage Therapy Demonstration at World School of Massage, San Francisco

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Vibrational Healing Massage Therapy (VHMT) is a powerful and profound innovation and fusion of ancient and modern, Eastern and Western healing massage and energy therapies.

How It Works

Vibrational Healing Massage Therapy blends subtle energy healing (Energy Medicine), deep structural alignment bodywork, advanced body mechanics and the power of intention, to clear pain and emotional stress.

VHMT draws from thousands of years of healing traditions to innovate and orchestrate entirely new techniques into an integrated and synergistic whole.

Explore The Best of…

Another way of saying this is that VHMT is a synergistic and quantum fusion of the “best of” the world’s most ancient and trusted healing therapies with modern energetic healing sciences. These therapies include:

Breath and Breathwork Tai Chi and Aikido Polarity Therapy Somatic and Pre-Natal Birth Psychology
Chakra and Subtle Body Anatomy Kinesiology: Touch for Health Athletics and Sports Massage Neurolinguistics: The Language of Healing®
Subtle Energy: Laying on of Hands; Reiki Cranial Sacral Balancing Sound Healing and Music Therapy Intuition and Biofeedback
Past Life Regression Shiatsu and Acupressure Meridians Mindfulness and Meditation Emotional Release Techniques
Fluid Body Mechanics® Quantum Mechanics and Vibrational Medicine Movement Arts; Dance Rhythms Trauma and Shock Release
Repatterning and Cellular Memory Epigenetics Conscious Intention; The Law of Attraction Health and Life Coaching Lymphatic and Myofascia Massage


Since it’s inspiration and inception in the 1970’s by World School founder, Patricia Cramer, VHMT has been generating outstanding results in the lives of thousands of healers, massage therapists, energy healers and their clients across the globe. VHMT has been taught exclusively through the World School by Patricia Cramer and faculty for nearly forty years.

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Next Steps

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