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Our Holistic
Mission, Vision and Values

Our holistic mission, vision and values are grounded in (w)holistic philosophies and (w)holistic approaches as well.

What that means to us is this.

We see you and our world as a vast, interconnected organic tapestry. And within this infinite latticework, we are creating a world in which ideally everyone’s (that includes you) and everything’s needs and desired are included, considered, respected, honored and empowered.

That’s what we mean by “(w)holistic” in the context of our mission, vision and values.

We invite you to “check in” with your thoughts and emotions as you read and explore if our holistic mission, vision and values are something with which you’re aligned as well.

Our Envisioned Future

Access to holistic health education for all by 2020!

Our Holistic Mission

World School of Massage and Holistic Healing Arts is an independent, coeducational, non-residential, vocational institution for adults.

Our holistic mission is to educate and train students for healthy and successful lives and responsible leadership in the fields of holistic health, healing and coaching (goal achievement), and to support faculty, student and community skill development that contributes to well-being and sustained vocational success.

World School pursues this holistic mission by providing a broad holistic education that emphasizes massage therapies, healing therapeutics, health and life coaching, and personal development, each as a basis for facilitating healing, growth and positive, sustainable goal attainment.

World School provides a holistic faculty of teacher-practitioners that is dedicated to effective and exceptional vocational teaching, a close student-teacher relationship that fosters the development of effective practical therapeutic skills, as well as intellectual, analytical, and critical abilities; this within an active and supportive holistic community environment that also promotes excellence of skill development and personal success.

World School also seeks to develop the knowledge, wisdom, imagination and skills of its students to enable them to take therapeutic and leadership positions in efforts to improve the quality of holistic health and education around the globe.

Our Holistic Values

World School seeks to foster development of the following values within our students; values that we believe facilitate realization of the ideals of our institution:

The Integration of Body and Spirit

Perhaps more than in any other field, ongoing success in the holistic healing arts, for both your client and your business, depends upon your own personal development and maturity.

This is because client healing involves behavior change and your ability to model healthful behavior is what gives you and your client access to possibility and certainty for personal transformation and tangible results. As a baseline, World School is committed that you develop unparalleled technical skills for your career success.

Beyond this, World School is deeply committed to provide you with some of the most advanced holistic programs available in personal growth, healthy living, communication, mindfulness and deliberate creation for your body, mind and spirit.

We are committed to provide you with comprehensive “healer heal thyself” principles and practical tools which draw from the most leading-edge information available as well as the most mature and time-tested traditions.

We are committed that you integrate your own physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies in a way that reflects your unique needs and perspectives and that thrills you with your experience of life.

We also intend that you experience transformative and lasting results in your own life so that you are fully empowered to model it for your clients in a way that gives them access to ever greater levels of health and healing.

A Holistic Community for Health Transformation

We are committed to provide you a nurturing, respectful, loving and “mindful” environment through our faculty and programs that supports you in developing sustainable habits of thought, emotion and behavior (always of YOUR unique choosing, never ours) that enhance your health and well-being for the rest of your life.

We are committed that you have access to extraordinary personal development and healthy living tools and information so that when you are practicing the principles taught in these programs in your own life, you will be enabled to coach others on the same topics with vastly greater effectiveness and integrity.

We are committed that you will be able to deliver authentically transformative and lasting results for those around you: your family, friends, colleagues, clients and community. 

Empowerment Through Authenticity and Conscious Creation

We are committed that you live an empowered life; that you have access to new experiences of thought and emotional connection that promote deliberate and conscious creation of your reality.

This is in stark contrast to a life filled with stress patterns and reactivity to life’s circumstances and the actions of others.

We are committed to provide programs to you that enhance a heightened mental and emotional awareness of the present moment, “enrollment,” transformation, surrender/acceptance, and continuous and deliberate “co-creation,” for more power and certainty in all areas of your life.

The Cultivation of Intuition and Empathic Healing

We are committed that in our programs you will refine your sensitivity to the subtle energies that exist in and around all life; that you will experience your abilities to intuit, focus upon and fine-tune your and others’ energies on several levels of the vibrational spectrum.

We are committed that you have the opportunity to uncover a whole new way to become “fluid” and flexible in your body/mind/spirit such that you become even more intuitive i.e., attuned to yourself (thoughts, emotions, behavior) and others around you.

We will provide you with tools from traditional medical systems (including chakras, auras, quantum fields and sound) that support you in assessing, “tuning in” to and communicating with others in a way that facilitates their release of physical and emotional stress and pain in their bodies.

Peaceful, Joyous, and Endearing Relationships

Your inner experience deeply influences the quality of your relationships.

We are committed that you be trained in communication and introspection tools that work to decrease emotional resistance, fear and pain and to increase the “flow” of connection and relatedness, with yourself first, then others.

We will give you special training in how to create and practice tools and systems for your support when you are emotionally overwhelmed, frustrated or stressed.

We desire that you gain the valuable insights of emotional pain while at the same time achieve rapid relief from your stress so that you will return quickly to connection with your loving self and others.

Holistic Education for Career Sustainability

We are committed that you have access to the most advanced and comprehensive holistic tools and approaches and to ensure that you receive all the training you need for a successful career in many dimensions of the healing arts field: technical training, energy and other healing therapies, specialized business and marketing training, health and life coaching.