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Excellence in Education

One of the reasons students love attending our school is because of the exceptionally high quality of holistic faculty and instruction.

Not only do the vast majority of our holistic faculty have many years of teaching experience, they consistently bring their authentic life experience into the courses in a way that adds more meaning and understanding to each class and provides you the insight you need to apply your training to your life.

World School Massage San Francisco: Massage Faculty Demonstration

We’re proud of our holistic faculty:)
Our students are too…

As part of our unique commitment to teaching excellence at our school, we also have an amazingly progressive approach to education.

Model Holistic Principles

In the fields of holistic health, life coaching, massage therapy, and the healing arts, professional success is closely related to the commitment to personal development on behalf of the teacher and practitioner i.e., the degree to which the massage or health practitioner applies holistic principles in her/his life.

In other words, we are absolutely clear that just being skilled at teaching a given subject in this field is not enough. To be effective, teachers must also “live their talk.” That’s what clients will always expect, and what you must deliver.

Likewise, for students to get the most out of their holistic training, they need to work with holistic faculty members who model what’s possible in the application of these arts.

This is why we place the very highest value upon selecting holistic faculty who authentically live what they teach.

The intangibles of communication, empathy, relatedness, connection, and rapport are essential elements to success in the fields of massage therapy, health coaching, and holistic education and if you don’t have holistic faculty modeling these principles and practices for you, you are less likely to embody them yourself.

Integrative Training

Another goal of our holistic teacher training and curriculum development systems is to support higher levels of integration of curriculum from course to course. The more integrated the content between our courses, the more clarity you have about how all your subjects fit together. The more clear you are, the faster you will learn and the more powerfully you will discover how to pass it on to others!

Holistic Curriculum: Our Single Largest Investment

Every year the World School does something that’s quite rare at educational institutions of our size. We invest thousands upon thousands of dollars in ensuring that our course content is continuously becoming more integrated and remains leading edge. As a result, our holistic curriculum may be the most fully integrated of its size and type available anywhere.

Teachers as Transformational Coaches

Additionally, because personal integration and transformation is an essential element of professional development in the healing arts, we include in our holistic teacher education, transformational group and individual coaching training as well.

Whether you are a massage therapist or a holistic health teacher, coaching skills are invaluable in supporting clients in integrating their learning and insights. At the World School, personal transformation is a typical student experience. Holistic faculty with coaching skills and experience make a real difference for student integration.

Continuous Quality Improvement

We’re deeply committed to teaching excellence and have as a permanent member of our team a quality-improvement consultant who works with us on an ongoing basis to help develop performance evaluation, teacher development, and improvement programs.

Teacher Training at the World School

World School provides it’s teachers a holistic faculty development program. This teacher training program has helped many of our holistic faculty reach even higher levels of teaching excellence as well as the opportunity to integrate more of the content they specialize in with what we teach in the rest of our curriculum (an unprecedented goal in teaching).

Meet Our Faculty Leadership

“Heart” Plus “Head” Plus Real World Experience

World School of Massage, San Francisco Faculty Member: Patricia Cramer

Patricia CramerFounder, Faculty Advisor, Massage School and Holistic Life Coach Training
Patricia is both our most senior faculty member and our most active as well. Patricia has either developed or contributed to every course at World School and ensures that students are able to integrate the diverse subjects and paradigmatic shifts that are so common at a transformational school.
World School of Massage, San Francisco Faculty Member: David Ross

David RossFaculty: Massage School and Holistic Life Coach Training
David’s diverse background has enabled him to develop and teach numerous courses at World School including conscious intention, business enterpreneurship, mindfulness, stress management and multiple courses in coaching skills. His primary academic pursuit focuses on empowering students to develop sustainable behavior change strategies.
World School of Massage, San Francisco Faculty Member: John Maguire
John MaguireFaculty Member, Massage School and Holistic Life Coach Training: Applied Kinesiology
World School of Massage, San Francisco Faculty Member: SiriGian Singh Khalsa
Dr. Siri Gian Singh KhalsaFaculty Member: Holistic Life Coach Training: Mindfulness, Breathwork, Meditation, Yoga
World School of Massage, San Francisco Faculty Member: Nancy Kahn
Nancy KahnFaculty Member, Holistic Life Coach Training: Communications and Relationships
World School of Massage, San Francisco Faculty Member: Kathy Kapps
Kathy KappsFaculty Member, Massage School: Zen Shiatsu Massage