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World School’s
Holistic Purpose

If you knew us well, you would understand that as a community of educators, our purpose, values, and vision is what defines and informs our actions, intentions, policies, curriculum and more.

Our experience tells us that if you’re aligned in your heart with our holistic purpose, vision and values, then our school may be a great fit for you–a really great fit. Why? Because empowering people to have what we value is what we are gifted at. It’s why we’re here.

Our Holistic Purpose

If you were to uncover who are at our deepest levels of being as a team of educational leaders, you would discover that our core holistic purpose is: 

To celebrate joy and well-being!

Does celebrating and creating more joy and well-being in the world look, sound, and feel like something that you’re aligned with as well?

If “yes,” or you’re curious about what this core purpose has to do with holistic health education, connect with us and let’s explore if you would like to make this a reality for yourself and the rest of the world.

Meet Our Leadership

World School of Massage, San Francisco Faculty Member: Patricia Cramer

Patricia CramerFounder, Director, Faculty Advisor
Patricia Cramer founded World School in 1980 and has taught thousands of students how to transform themselves as the starting point for facilitating healing with others.

She remains our most active teacher especially in her love of holistic transformation and vibrational healing massage therapy which she developed and has refined for over 30 years.

There are few people you will ever meet who have so deeply explored the subject of healing/self-healing, trauma release and personal transformation.

World School of Massage, San Francisco Faculty Member: David Ross

David RossFaculty, Development, Quality Improvement
David has supported tens of thousands of people lead happier and healthier lives.

He brings professional backgrounds in psychology, entrepreneurship, business administration, quality improvement, strategic planning and education to his curriculum development and teaching at World School.

His passion and lifework: discovering and teaching sustainable behavior change strategies in the field of personal transformation and the power of the mind/intention.