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Become a California Massage Practitioner!

The California Massage Practitioner Program (CMP) is an excellent starting place for you if you want to get started in massage quickly and live in a city or county in California that requires 250 hours of training or less.

Our 250-hour California Massage Practitioner Program is designed specifically to meet many of basic core requirements by the California Massage Therapy Council (CAMTC) for the California Massage THERAPIST certification (CMT = 500 hours). That is, all courses in this program may be applied toward a 500-hour CMT certification.

What’s Great About the Massage Practitioner Program

You Will Gain…

In the Massage Practitioner Program you will become skilled in both relaxation massage for spa employment as well as leading edge healing massage for private practice.

Our primary focus at World School is preparing you for private practice because it is financially more sustainable and allows you to practice healing massage.

What’s different between employment massage and private practice is that private practice is usually healing- and solution-focused.

Rather than doing a procedure TO someone, you are partnering WITH them to facilitate a results-based solution.

That’s what customers are typically looking for in seeking out a private practitioner and are willing to pay significantly higher rates for.

What’s Makes The CMP Program So Special

Experience The Absolute Edge of Healing Massage

Our healing massage here at World School is based on dozens of effective ancient and modern healing massage therapies that have been integrated into a unified whole that we call Vibrational Healing Massage Therapy (VHMT).

VHMT Level 1, which is taught in this program, is a clothes-on massage (do it anywhere) that provides

  • Efficient release of stored shock and trauma (key to producing healing results).
  • Advanced training in body mechanics to ensure that you remain healthy and effective.
  • Training in bodywork somatics (mind-body) including the use of language and thinking that facilitates healing.
  • Training to literally convert relaxation massage therapies (Swedish and Deep Tissue) into HEALING massage therapies.
  • Specialized training so you can address the ROOT issues of client symptoms rather than make symptoms go away temporarily.

Be sure to visit the special section of our website to learn the many ways you and your clients will benefit by Vibrational Healing Massage Therapy…

Design Your Own Program

You can even design your own version of our CMP Program using any courses equalling 250 hours or more. For details, see the Program Summary below (Tab #3. Design Your Own).


With most classes averaging under 10 students, this is a great opportunity to receive the personal, mentoring education you’ve been asking for.

California Massage Practitioner

  • 250 Hours
  • $2,500
  • $10per credit hour
  • 4 Months: PART Time*
  • Certificate: California Massage Practitioner (CMP)
  • Monthly Start Dates

*You may finish your program more quickly or take longer depending on your availability.

California Massage Practitioner Course List = 250 Hours

  • Anatomy & Kinesiology 1 = 44 hrs
  • Business and Ethics 1 = 18 hrs
  • Clinic, Health and Hygiene = 8 hrs
  • Deep Tissue Massage = 38 hrs
  • Integrative Massage CMP = 14 hrs
  • Introduction to Healing 1 = 22 hrs
  • Massage Physiology = 16 hrs
  • Swedish Massage = 38 hrs
  • Vibrational Healing Massage Therapy (VHMT) 1 = 38 hrs

To explore descriptions of each individual course, please visit the California Massage Practitioner tab on our Massage Classes page.

Compare: California Massage PRACTITIONER (250 hrs.) and the California Massage THERAPIST (500 hrs.)

  • The CMP Program is 250 hours which will allow you to get started earning income in those cities that require 250 hours or less.
  • The CMT is 500 hours and includes all the courses in the CMP Program.
  • The CMT provides additional training in bodywork systems, bodywork integration and business start up.
  • The CMT program includes specialized training in self-healing, somatics and communication skills as a basis for longevity in employment and your massage practice.

Design Your Own Program…Really!

We like options. Most of our students like options too. You can design a program of any length using any combination of courses you would like.

How It Works

To create your own personalized program, just visit our Massage Courses page and look for courses that make your heart sing. Alternately, you can call one of our refreshing admissions advisors and ask for their valuable input.

Massage Classes Page

Tuition and Fees

Registration Fee: $25.00
Tuition: $2,500.00
Total: $2,525.00

Explore Debt-Free Holistic Financing

With the lowest tuition that we know of in the Bay Area ($10 or less per credit hour), there’s simply no reason to finish school with a heavy debt burden. Graduate “debt-free” by investing in an affordable massage education.

Ask us how you can qualify for:

  • Free elective massage courses in every program
  • Our One-Step-At-A-Time-Pay-As-You-Grow-Plan


Let’s Get Curious

We love curiosity and want to be able to answer all your questions. Here are links to frequently asked questions about our massage certification, classes and much more.

Getting started is eeeeeasy. You have two options:


Call one of our remarkably kind admissions advisors and they will help you schedule your personal registration appointment.

  • San Francisco Massage School: 415-221-2533
  • Pleasanton Massage School: 925-461-2533


Click on the “APPLY NOW” button below, complete the brief form and we’ll call you back to set up your personal registration meeting.


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