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Become a Healthy Holistic Practitioner!

One of A Kind

World School’s Holistic Health Practitioner Program is the only one of it’s kind in the world today.

It definitively answers the question:

What’s the best training possible for people who want to excel in both practice and leadership in field holistic health and personal transformation?

What’s Unique Here

The Holistic Health Practitioner Program combines the leading edge therapeutics from many fields:

  • Healing and energy healing massage
  • Personal transformation and self-healing
  • Holistic health and life coaching
  • Repatterning (thought-emotion-language-behavior)
  • Nutrition and fitness training
  • Mindfulness and stress management skills
  • Success psychology and the power of intention training
  • Trauma and emotional release skills
  • Communications and empathy skills
  • Private practice massage and coaching business skills

What’s Great About our Health Practitioner Program?

World School’s Health Practitioner Program is a totally unique.

Our Holistic Health Practitioner Program will help you establish a thriving, fulfilling, prosperous and successful private practice with the notable business advantages of cross-training in massage therapy, energy massage, personal development, healthy living, health and life coaching.

Three Programs in One

The Holistic Health Practitioner Program combines all courses from the following three programs:

1. California Massage Therapist (CMT)
2. Energy Healing and Somatic Therapist (ESM)
3. The Holistic Health and Life Coaching Program (HLC)

What’s Valuable Here….

Enjoy the many benefits of the Holistic Practitioner Program:

  • Create a thriving and sustainable private practice
  • Meets California and National Cert. Requirements
  • Three (3) Programs and four (4) Certificates in 1
  • Ask us how to graduate debt-free!

Receive FOUR Professional Certificates of Completion

Enjoy the confidence, excellence, effectiveness and distinct professional benefits of advanced healing training and four certificates of completion:

  • Holistic Health Practitioner (Initials after your name = HHP)
  • California Massage Therapist (Initials = CMT)
  • Energy Healing and Somatic Massage Therapist (Initials = ESMT)
  • Holistic Health and Life Coach (Initials = HLC)

What’s Special About the Health Practitioner Program?

A Commitment to Excellence

The Holistic Health Practitioner Program is designed for you if you are deeply committed to:

Excellence and success in the practice of the holistic healing arts and life coaching as well as appreciate the value and importance of receiving significantly higher rates of payment for your services

Exceed State and National Certification Requirements

The Holistic Practitioner Program has been developed in alignment with the growing trend in many states for expanded massage hours of up to 1,000. It exceeds training requirements for permits in all states as well as for sitting for massage therapist national certification exams.


Holistic Health Practitioner Program

  • 1,142 Hours
  • $13,997
  • $1225per credit hour
  • 18 Months: PART Time*
  • Exceeds CAMTC + National (NCBTMB) Requirements
  • Certificates: Holistic Health Practitioner + CMT + ESM+ HLC
  • Monthly Start Dates
  • Special Financing Available

*You may finish more quickly or take significantly longer depending on your availability. It’s all up to you.

The Holistic Health and Practitioner Program combines four programs to create one of the most comprehensive holistic training programs available today:

  • The California Massage Practitioner Program
  • The Energy Healing and Somatic Program
  • The Holistic Health and Life Coaching Program

If you adjust for course overlap between these three programs, the total hours add up to 1,142. The overlapping courses have not been removed from the three lists below. 

California Massage Therapist Course List = 500 Hours

  • Anatomy & Kinesiology 1 = 44 hrs
  • Anatomy & Kinesiology 2 = 40 hrs
  • Business & Ethics 1 = 18 hrs
  • Business & Ethics 2: Entrepreneurship = 22 hrs
  • Clinic, Health and Hygiene = 8 hrs
  • Coaching Assessment Sessions = 1+5 hrs
  • Contraindications in Massage = 13 hrs
  • Deep Tissue Massage = 38 hrs
  • Integrative Massage CMT = 14+30 hrs
  • Introduction to Healing 1 = 22 hrs
  • Introduction to Healing 2 = 28 hrs
  •  Massage Physiology = 16 hrs
  • Pathology = 40 hrs
  • Structural Foot Balancing = 30 hrs
  • Swedish Massage = 38 hrs
  • Vibrational Healing Massage Therapy (VHMT) 1 = 38 hrs
  • Vibrational Healing Massage Therapy (VHMT) 2 = 55 hrs

Energy Healing and Somatics Course List = 790 Hours

  • Anatomy & Kinesiology 1 = 44 hrs
  • Anatomy & Kinesiology 2 = 40 hrs
  • Aromatherapy = 5 hrs
  • Business and Ethics 1 = 18 hrs
  • Business and Ethics 2: Entrepreneurship = 22 hrs
  • Clinic, Health and Hygiene = 8 hrs
  • Coaching Assessment Sessions = 4 hrs
  • Contraindications in Massage = 13 hrs
  • Cranial Sacral Balancing = 38 hrs
  • Deep Tissue Massage = 38 hrs
  • Flower Essences = 5 hrs
  • Integrative Massage ESM = 70 hrs
  • Introduction to Healing 1 = 22 hrs
  • Introduction to Healing 2 = 28 hrs
  • Massage Pathology = 40 hrs
  •  Massage Physiology = 16 hrs
  • Structural Foot Balancing = 30 hrs
  • Swedish Massage = 38 hrs
  • Vibrational Healing Massage Therapy (VHMT) 1 = 44 hrs
  • Vibrational Healing Massage Therapy (VHMT) 2 = 55 hrs
  • VHMT 3 Pt 1: Energy Bodies Awakening = 34 hrs
  • VHMT 3 Pt 2: Sound Healing = 10 hrs
  • VHMT 3 Pt 3: Integration of Energy Work = 26 hrs
  • VHMT 4 Pt 1: Repatterning: BBB = 40 hrs
  • VHMT 4 Pt 2: Birth Trauma Bodywork = 30 hrs
  • VHMT 4 Pt 3: Life Regression = 20 hrs
  • VHMT 4 Pt 4: Family Services = 52 hrs

Holistic Health and Life Coaching Program = 500 Hours

  • Aromatherapy & Flower Essences = 10 hrs
  • Coaching Assessment & Planning Skills = 10 hrs
  • Coaching Clinic Lab 1: Enrollment Skills = 10 hrs
  • Coaching Practice Sessions = 12 hrs
  • Coaching for Change: Your Power to Create = 38 hrs
  • Coaching Skill Development Calls (Teleconferences) = 24 hrs
  • Energy Bodies Awakening, VHMT 3 Pt 1 = 32 hrs
  • Expression and Leadership = 63 hrs
  • Holistic Coaching Skills: Inquiry and Introspection = 12 hrs
  • Holistic Coaching Skills: Process = 14 hrs
  • Holistic Fitness and Nutrition = 53 hrs
  • Life Regression, VHT4 Pt 3 = 14 hrs
  • Private Mentoring/Coaching = 15 hrs
  • Repatterning: Birth, Breath and Being, VHMT 4 Pt 1 = 44 hrs
  • Team Coaching and Development = 30 hrs
  • The Mindful Lifestyle: Stress Management Coaching = 32 hrs
  • The Relationship Course, Pt 1: Compassionate Coaching = 22 hrs
  • The Relationship Course, Pt 2: The Path of Connection = 18 hrs
  • The Science of Success: Thank and Be Wealthy = 28 hrs

To explore descriptions of each course, please visit the Holistic Health Practitioner tab on our Massage Classes page.



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The Holistic Health Practitioner Program meets or exceeds requirements for practice in all 50 States. It is specifically designed to:

    • Meet requirements by the California Massage Therapy Council (CAMTC) for the California Massage Therapist (500 hours) as well as
    • Meet the NCBTMB’s 750-hour educational requirements.

    Tuition and Fees

    Registration Fee: $25.00
    Tuition: $13,997
    Total: $14,022.00

    Enjoy Debt-Free Financing!

    With the lowest tuition we know of in the San Francisco Bay Area ($10 or less per credit hour for massage programs) and special program financing opportunities, there’s simply no reason to finish massage school with a debt burden of any kind.

    Graduate debt-free by investing in an affordable holistic education. If you’re interested in financing your education, let one of our smarty smart smart admissions advisors show you how. Call us now and schedule your personal holistic financial support appointment.

    Also, ask us how you can qualify for:

    • FREE elective massage classes provided in every program. Enjoy.
    • Our One-Step-At-A-Time-Pay-As-You-Grow-Plan. It’s easy.
    • Special scholarship program for students in the CMT, ESM, MBW and HHWP programs. Yes!
    • Bonus courses when you “pay in full!”


    Let’s BEEE Curious

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