Thank and Be Wealthy FAQ


What makes Thank and Be Wealthy so special?

It’s Unique:

Thank and Be Wealthy is the only course of it’s kind. It is unique in all the world with respect to its intentions and the lasting results it creates in people’s lives.

It’s Tested:

We have had a laboratory for testing personal growth results like few places on earth. Let us explain. First, we’ve been testing how the principles of achievement, success and personal growth actually work in real life and how to apply them to your life in practical terms for over 30 years.

Second, we’ve been able to work personally with literally thousands of INDIVIDUALS (rather than large groups of people) who have a very deep personal desire to live these principles in their own lives, i.e., they are testers themselves and test our suggested practices very actively in their own lives, with their families and then of course with their clients.

Third, we’ve been able to work with many of these students for one to two years and then after they graduate, literally over decades. This gives us an opportunity to see what really works over time rather than simply what people are excited about during a weekend seminar.

As an example of the unique value of our laboratory, we’ve recently discovered that empirical studies with large sample sizes about what creates lasting changes in mood confirms that what works is exactly the same things we discovered works decades ago.

And finally, because the scope of what we teach in holistic health, personal growth and achievement are so vast (over 60 courses) we’ve been conducting our testing and observing results in an amazing array of fields including:

  • Optimum Health
  • Financial Wealth
  • Relationships and Communication
  • The Healing Arts
  • Mindfulness and Meditation
  • Intention/Manifestation
  • Achievement/Success
  • Entrepreneurship

It’s Practical:

Knowing what to do often has little or no relationship to doing something or becoming someone. Look no further than New Year’s resolutions as an example. We’ve been focusing on the practicalities of “How do I change my behavior in a way that lasts?” side of the learning equation. This is the aspect of personal growth training that needs to be given vastly greater levels of attention…vastly greater.

It’s Authentic:

Everyone wants to avoid uncomfortable emotions and we’re here to tell you that the secret to your power is learning to welcome ALL your emotions fully. This is a course in allowing and accepting your emotions and leveraging them to create an authentic world. We will show you how to do this is a way that is safe, supportive and doable.

What benefits can I expect to receive?

Based on student feedback, at Thank and Be Wealthy, it’s possible that you will,

  • Give yourself permission in the deepest part of your heart to pursue and achieve your greatest joys and dreams.
  • Discover how leverage ALL your emotions to create wealth in every area of your life.
  • Learn how to thrive and create an extraordinary sense of well-being.
  • Learn how to interpret your moment to moment communication from you’re innate intelligence/higher self (emotional alignment system) and leverage this to make choices that always work for you.
  • Create holistic wealth,” that is, wealth of every kind and in every area of your life. If you are “wealth- or money-challenged,” this is a course in releasing the “challenged” part of the phrase.
  • Explore the power of the present moment to create an amazingly abundant life.
  • Give yourself immense freedom to be grateful for everyone and everything in your life.
  • Release massive chunks of negative self-talk programs and esteem yourself.
  • Create a new inner and outer reality for yourself that starts generating tangible results in your life immediately.

Thank and Be Wealthy is a collaboration of numerous organizations (see above) with a common commitment: that this information of Thank and Be Wealthy be made available to all of humanity.

The World School is where this course was first conceived, taught and tested. Why? There’s a lot of correlation between how to effectively apply the principles and practices taught at Thank and Be Wealthy and what the World School has been teaching in the healing arts for years.

That is, there are specific ways of thinking and feeling that universally produce results in every field of human endeavor. It just so happens that the human body has evolved or been designed to reflect these ways of thinking and feeling in its optimum functioning. Because of the immediate cause and effect relationship that practitioners encounter in the healing process, healing arts practitioners at World School have very advanced and practical insight into how to apply this information.

Another way of saying this is that your body has been telling you all along the ways of thinking and feeling that support it bestThank and Be Wealthy will give you access to understanding how to interpret and align with these messages in a way that will change your life forever.

Additionally, the World School has provided training on the subjects of the power of thoughts, emotions, and language as an integral part of all our programs for over 30 years.

What else can I expect to learn at Thank and Be Wealthy?

You’ll learn the essence of how success works and how to apply it in every area of your life.

Examples of what’s possible include:

  • Finding your soul mate
  • Enjoying your ideal body
  • Aligning with your life direction
  • Creating extraordinary energy and longevity
  • Allowing remarkable prosperity
  • Deepening your awareness of your spiritual connection
  • Profound and enriching professional success
  • Enhancing connection with others and within

You’ll also discover:

  • The foundations of thought-emotion mastery
  • How to interpret what your body and your emotions are telling you about optimum health, performance, and achieving even more success
  • How to interpret and transform stress messages into greater health and wellness
  • How to use your emotions to become aware of, recognize, and release disempowering thoughts
  • How to use your thoughts and emotions to create your world consciously and deliberately rather than by default of your circumstances and obsolete thought habits
  • Powerful and proven tools for applying the principles of success and creating attitude habits that reliably and predictably produce success
  • How to use your physiology and your thoughts to change your emotions and move quickly from stress and resistance into inspired action
  • How to spend ever-greater amounts of time enjoying life

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