Required Massage Certification Hours

We’re glad you care about the details of massage certification hours in the State of California. The question was: “Will I be able to use these class hours towards massage certification?”

Our courses have always been accepted by California’s certification body the California Massage Therapy Council (CAMTC) and by other states, however, other states could change their massage certification hours requirements without our knowing. So it’s possible, yet not likely, that this could happen. If it does happen, it would vary based on the state. If you expect to practice in another state in the near future, you may want to inquire with that state about their massage certification hours requirements. To learn more visit the ABMP website:

In the State of California, the CAMTC is the approved massage certification board. Here’s what they say: (From CAMTC website, September 2013. CAMTC’s information does change so be sure to double check that you have the latest information using the links below)

250-499 Hours of Massage Education:

You must have 250 massage education hours, including 100 hours in anatomy & physiology, contraindications, health & hygiene, and business & ethics, all at approved schools.

Note: World School’s 250-hour, California Massage Practitioner Program (CMP) has been designed to specifically to meet these requirements.

500+ Hours of Massage Education:

You must have 500 hours or more of massage education, of which at least 250 hours shall be from approved schools. The remaining 250 hours required may be secured either from approved schools, or from continuing education providers.

Note: World School’s 500-hour, California Massage Therapist Program (CMT) has been designed to specifically meet these CAMTC requirements for massage certification hours.