Vibrational Healing Massage Therapy® 4, Part 1: Repatterning

Credit Hours: 40

Locations and Start Dates

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What’s Great About VHMT 4, Part 1: Repatterning

What Is Repatterning?

Many people think that what we think must be true just because we think it or just because we have strong feelings about it. The reality is that most of what we think and feel, we think and feel because we have an existing pattern or habit of thoughts, emotions and behaviors that keeps recreating that experience in our reality. That is, our experience of the present is largely a recreation of our past experience.

And this begs the question, what creates these patterns of thinking in the first place? And how far back in our development can we trace the start of these patterns? And the implication of this is simply astounding, because when we find the our patterns, it’s possible to change them and create patterns that we prefer rather than patterns that are formed randomly as we grow up and which don’t serve us currently.

This Repatterning Therapy course is a unique opportunity in life to identify our major patterns, both wanted and unwanted, and learn to reshape these patterns into ones that serve us rather than limit us and create suffering.

Apply It To Your Life First

As with all World School courses, the focus of our Repatterining Therapy class is upon practical application of the course material to your own life so you can facilitate self-healing for your clients as powerfully as possible. In other words, in Repatterining Therapy we’re here to

  • Empower you to optimize your personal wellbeing and mental-physical-emotional-spiritual balance.
  • Gain practical, first-hand experience so you can speak with clients from both an experiential and an intellectual perspective.
  • Develop the internal certainty you need to facilitate your clients innate intelligence to produce healing outcomes, i.e., the power of suggestion (“remembered wellness”) which many medical professionals now agree may be the most important component in any healing event.

What’s Special About Repatterning Therapy?

In Repatterning, you will explore:

  • Shock and Trauma Release
  • Cellular Consciousness
  • Holographic Theory and Holograms
  • Recapitulation and Pattern Formation (“Fractals”)
  • Conscious Breathing: The role of breath techniques (cellular, chakra and regression) in the healing process
  • Early Imprinting, Pre-Natal Movement and Spinal Pattern Development

What Else You Will Gain…

  • Understand, compare and contrast the nature of trauma and shock responses.
  • Discover the nature of many of your old dysfunctional mental and emotional patterns.
  • Discover how to unwind physical and emotional patterns from traumatic or shocking incidents.

Tuition and Fees

Registration Fee: $25.00
Tuition: $520.00
State STRF Fee: $0.00
Total: $545.00

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