Massage Business and Ethics 2: Entrepreneurship

Credit Hours: 22

Locations and Start Dates

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What’s Great About This Massage Business Course…

According to the world’s largest professional massage association, the ABMP, 77.9% of all massage therapists are independent practitioners. One reason for this is that private practice is usually more profitable than employment. Working as an independent practitioner also allows you to practice healing massage with your clients rather than confine your work to one technical massage as is the case with employment in spa or other corporate massage settings.1

World School has been teaching and testing massage therapy business tools and entrepreneurship skills for decades with thousands of students. This has enabled us to learn what truly separates fiction from fact when it comes to what works consistently in creating a thriving massage therapy business. Our in-house quality improvement consultant has worked extensively with business teachers to ensure that business for massage therapists course and it’s curriculum accomplishes what it says it does and much, much more.

The Purpose of Massage Therapy Business

  • Equip you to create a thriving massage therapy business so you can enjoy the financial benefits and the added opportunities for fulfillment and contribution available in private practice.
  • Assist you in creating a stream of clients within a matter of days and then keep building your practice at the pace that’s optimum for you.
This business for massage therapists course builds on your business development work in Business 1 by refining your ability to have successful enrollment conversations that consistently attract new clients. If you prefer to take Business 2 before Business 1, we have extensive self-directed learning tools to get you up to speed quickly.

Business 2 Benefits

  • Develop and implement statistically proven tools that trigger clients repurchasing your services and referring other clients to you.
  • Gain extensive access to free and low cost tools that help you create massage websites and social media marketing strategies that actually get new clients as well as email marketing and client management systems that keep clients coming back.
  • When it comes to starting your practice, marketing is key. Develop and implement a marketing plan that fills your practice.
  • Being able to have effective enrollment conversations is what often separates a successful practice from a less successful one. Pick up where Business 1 left off and take your enrollment skills to a whole new level!

Ongoing Business Support System

Because years of experience teaching this subject tells us that everyone wants to implement their business at a different pace and in a different manner, you will also have the opportunity to participate in an ongoing business development group with your peers and receive specialized coaching from your business instructor.

1 Given the critical role that private practice has always played in career success in the field of massage, we find it very odd that every massage school we know of in Northern California either still fails to teach this material or just got started teaching private practice development courses only very recently.

Tuition and Fees

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Tuition: $286.00
State STRF Fee: $0.00
Total: $311.00

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