Business and Ethics 1

Credit Hours: 18 

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What’s Great About our Business for Massage Therapists course

World School wants you to have it all when it comes to your massage therapy career. And when it comes to your massage therapy business, we want you to have a sustainable private practice for sure, and employment if you want that too. Think “both, and.”

One reason for this is that according to the world’s largest professional massage association, the ABMP, 77.9% of all massage therapists are independent practitioners. Statistically speaking, private practice is more profitable than employment. 1

Benefits of Massage Employment

Additionally, if you’ve never had employment in a customer-service oriented job, massage employment can be a great short-term solution for developing those skill sets that are so important to a successful massage therapy business. Further, a small percentage of massage therapists also like a mix of private practice massage with employment because they like a team-oriented workplace some of the time. Just keep in mind that it is enormously difficult to find any massage therapist who has worked in the field for more than five years and has employment alone, that is, without a private practice as well.

Have It All

What’s great here at World School is that we’ve been teaching and testing private practice and massage business tools for decades with thousands of students. This has enabled us to learn what truly separates fiction from fact when it comes to landing your first massage job and what works consistently in creating a thriving massage therapy business.

TIP: Choose the Best Massage School for You

When choosing for the best massage school for you, make sure that they provide practical training in massage business for both employment and significant training in building a private practice. And if they do provide a course in massage therapy business, ask them how long they’ve been teaching the subject at the school. If they say, only a year or two, it may tell you a lot about the depth of commitment to your success and whether as a school they are making their primary curriculum choices based on what’s best for you or what’s best for their bottom line. That’s one of the ways of determining if you are working with a corporate/trade school or a proprietary/personal school.

Play Is the Best Way to Learn

Business and Ethics 1 actually turns out to be one of the most fun classes at the school despite it sounding so dry. At a practical level you will literally have the opportunity to rehearse and keep improving your phone call skills and interview skills so that in the moments that all your learning really matters, the skills will be there for you.

What We Think We Become

At one level, how you think about your business is what creates your business. Every powerful business leader in the world teaches this. As with all World School courses, we will help you identify and release self-limiting thought patterns and create your own thought patterns that empower you for success.

Our in-house quality improvement consultant has worked extensively with massage business teachers to ensure that this course and it’s curriculum accomplishes what it says it does and much, much more.

The Purpose of Business and Ethics 1

  • Provide you with the foundational skills you need to create a thriving private practice so you can enjoy the financial benefits and the added opportunities for fulfillment available as an independent practitioner.
  • Prepare you to get your first massage job and show you the “how tos” of being consistently promoted.
  • Equip you to earn money from your private practice while you are still in school.
  • Satisfy California certification requirements for business and ethics education.
  • Provide a context that has you continuously building your business.

Business 1 will also empower you to:

  • Borrow from the most advanced research in business to help you align your personal vision and values with your values and vision for your business (private practice and employment). Create your massage business as an extension of your passion so you can have exactly what you want.
  • Learn what it really means to discover, anticipate and exceed client needs and expectations.
  • Uncover and explore ethical issues of a thriving massage practice including: how to create and form healthy emotional and physical boundaries with your client and how to satisfy important legal aspects of running your own business.
  • Relationship is everything when it comes to business and life. Discover and develop the tested and proven communication secrets of how to successfully sell a series of sessions so you can have more income and make even more progress with clients.
  • Ask for money so you can have the income you want.
  • Get amazing testimonials that generate more clients.
  • Speak about what you do in a way that consistently converts conversations into clients.
  • Use heart-centered communication as the basis of relationship development and connection.

Ongoing Business Support System

Because years of experience teaching this subject tells us that everyone wants to implement their massage business at a different pace and in a different manner, you will also have the opportunity to participate in an ongoing business development group with your peers and receive specialized coaching from your massage business instructor.

1 Given the critical role that private practice has always played in career success in the field of massage, we find it very odd that every massage school we know of in Northern California either still fails to teach this material or just got started teaching private practice development courses only very recently.

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Total: $259.00

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