Massage Assessment and Coaching Sessions

Credit Hours: Variable based on program length

Locations and Start Dates

Massage Therapy Assessments begins when you sign up for a massage program. Appointments with faculty and student services will be set at deliberate intervals throughout the program to assist you in completion and personal and professional development.

What’s Great About Massage Assessment Sessions…

What Are Massage Assessment Sessions?

Massage Therapy Assessments are both advisory meetings with your Student Coordinator to private completion/coaching as well as private massage therapy critiques of your clinical skills with the faculty that insure that you are prepared to graduate and be a success in your career.

These massage critiques and feedback/coaching sessions give you yet an additional level of feedback than you have received from your classroom massage instructors.

In these massage therapy assessments the instructor will look closely at the degree to which you can integrate multiple massage modalities into a cohesive healing massage session designed for each client’s special needs. If there are areas for improvement, the instructor conducting the assessment will actively coach you to ensure that you can demonstrate the skills you need for professional success.

Tuition and Fees

This course is only available for those who are enrolled in a program at World School Massage San Francisco.

Getting started with Massage Assessments is eeeeeasy.

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