Integrative Massage Labs 2

Credit Hours: 30

Locations and Start Dates

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What’s Great About Our Integrative Massage Labs…

What Is An Integrative Massage Lab?

Our Integrative Massage Therapy Labs are designed to train you to transition intuitively and effortlessly between the massage modalities you have learned and to provide intelligent and integrated client healing solutions. Let us explain.

One of the most significant differences between a well-trained massage therapist and one who was trained at a corporate or trade massage school is this: the well-trained massage therapist knows how to provide an integrated healing session combining multiple modalities and based on the specific needs of the client. The under-trained therapist simply performs the same procedure for each client no matter what individual client needs or requests.

The well-trained massage therapist has the ability to assess a client’s needs expertly and then move in and out of multiple healing massage modalities to fulfill that goal. Their massage choices flow from a combination of their intellect and their intuition in response to the continuously changing needs of the client. Conversely, the poorly trained therapist performs a preset massage procedure TO or ON someone.  Such a person has “massage skills” but not “healing skills” per se because their massage skill sets live within “skill silos” i.e., completely disconnected from one another.

These abilities are important because to have a sustainable private massage practice and to have the fulfillment you want by knowing that you’ve met your clients healing needs, you need to be able to provide integrated healing solutions that achieve the outcomes the client wants. Does that make sense?

Why We Teach This

We teach integrative massage therapy labs because we are a healing massage school. Our goal is to train our therapists to provide healing solutions for clients. Integrative training is essential for achieving this goal.

Another reason we teach integrative massage therapy is that our Vibrational Healing Massage Therapy provides you an enormous number of different healing techniques that are specifically designed to be integrated with relaxation-based massage modalities to transform them into healing modalities. It’s important that students have carefully supervised practice doing this.

What’s Special About How It’s Taught at World School Massage

We’ve been providing integrative massage therapy training for years and we don’t know of many other schools who do. We call this course a “laboratory” because students are practicing on one another and upon the teacher in inspiring collaborative sessions. Students love integrative massage therapy because it ties all their learning together. Naturally, this course is best taken near the end of a student’s program i.e., after the student has already completed the bodywork courses of a given program.

What You Will Learn

  • Discover the compatibility, grace, and efficacy that is available with the effective integration and combination of any or all of the multiple healing massage techniques offered in this program.
  • Discover, develop and innovate your own personal healing approaches and intuitive choices.

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