Vibrational Healing Massage Therapy® 3,
Part 3: Integration of Energy Work

Credit Hours: 26

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What’s Great About Integration of Energy Work

What Is Integration of Energy Work?

Some people think that energy healing is “airy fairy” or needs to stand alone in sessions or is a technique in which the client is not touched, however, in the VHMT body of knowledge and technologies you will learn to integrate sophisticated energy work in and around the the body with all kinds of other bodywork techniques. All your sessions will become a uniquely wonderful blend of energetic clearing of the body in all areas and on all levels, both subtle and gross.

VHMT 3, Integration of Energy Work is the third of three courses of VHMT 3. As a whole, VHMT 3 provides you a highly advanced and in-depth training using the energy healing techniques in such great demand at healing and destination spa settings.

Through this energy work massage course, you will become proficient in a wide range of powerful self-healing therapies which integrate our understanding of both ancient healing traditions and the contemporary principles of cellular biology, quantum physics, energy and complementary medicine.

Apply It To Your Life First

As with all World School courses, our focus is upon practical application of the course material to your own life so you can facilitate self-healing for your clients as powerfully as possible. That’s what energy workers do. In other words, in every course we’re here to

  • Empower you to optimize your personal wellbeing and mental-physical-emotional-spiritual balance.
  • Gain practical, first-hand experience so you can speak with clients from both an experiential and an intellectual perspective.
  • Develop the internal certainty you need to facilitate your clients innate intelligence to produce healing outcomes, i.e., the power of suggestion (“remembered wellness”) which many medical professionals now agree may be the most important component in any healing event.

What’s Special About This Course?

In Integration of Energy Work, you will learn to integrate energy work massage with other bodywork modalities including Swedish Massage and Deep Tissue Massage.

In this energy work healing course you will use special tools and techniques to to discover, sense, “re-pattern” and align our “subtle energy” bodies. You will also gain greater experience and confidence in your own innate abilities to sense and intuit a spectrum of subtle energies affecting health and well being on many levels.

This includes

Advanced Fluid Body Mechanics: Advanced Liquid Standing Bodywork.
Refinement of Vibrational Sensing: Techniques for clearing Miasms from Auras and Nadis.
“Power Base” Alignment: Hip and sacrum release for greater balance.
Restoration of Coherent Energy Fields: Removing long held patterns of distortion and rebalancing the body into powerful alignment.

What Else You Will Gain

  • Learn to work with traditional medical systems including chakras, auras, quantum fields and sound.
  • Restore coherence to your own energy fields while releasing stored emotions.
  • Experience your abilities to intuit, focus, and refine vibrational spectrums.

Tuition and Fees

Registration Fee: $25.00
Tuition: $338.00
State STRF Fee: $0.00
Total: $363.00

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