Vibrational Healing Massage Therapy® 4, Part 2: Birth, Breath and Being and Healing Birth Trauma

Credit Hours: 30

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What’s Great About Healing Birth Trauma…

What Is Birth Trauma?

Some of us think that the choices we make NOW, and the behavior we engage in NOW, is largely determined by choices we are making NOW. Yet what if we could show you that much of your behavior NOW, is predicated upon trauma experienced at birth? What if would could show you that specific types of birth experience, e.g., cesarian birth, forecep delivery, etc. resulted in very predictable, specific and usually painful behaviors as an adult NOW? And what if there were ways to release those patterns and those longstanding, chronic patterns that have been completely resistant to change no matter what you’ve tried?

Our Birth Trauma Therapy course will show you how to do just that! Come with us on a journey to your origins. Let us show you how to create a new life based on choice in this moment rather than upon your unchosen circumstances of your past!

Apply It To Your Life First

As with all World School courses, our focus in Birth Trauma Therapy is upon practical application of the course material to your own life so you can facilitate self-healing for your clients as powerfully as possible. In other words, in Birth Trauma Therapy, we’re here to

  • Empower you to optimize your personal wellbeing and mental-physical-emotional-spiritual balance.
  • Gain practical, first-hand experience so you can speak with clients from both an experiential and an intellectual perspective.
  • Develop the internal certainty you need to facilitate your clients innate intelligence to produce healing outcomes, i.e., the power of suggestion (“remembered wellness”) which many medical professionals now agree may be the most important component in any healing event.

What’s Special About Birth, Breath and Being and Healing Birth Trauma?

In this special Birth Trauma Therapy course, you will learn the fundamentals of shock and trauma release beginning with birth and continuing through your lifetime.

In this Birth Trauma Therapy Class you will explore embryological development and become versed in the observation skills of birth traumas and shock clearing in order to support healing from original cellular imprints.

This course will allow you to playfully dance in and out of the physical and energetic bodies, lead regressions and clear chronic stresses or behaviors—especially those based in gestation, birth and childhood.

In VHMT 4, Part 2: Birth, Breath and Being and Healing Birth Trauma you will also inquire about, learn and practice:

  • Specific shock and trauma release techniques
  • Specific trauma and shock physiology
  • Birth and pre-natal regressions
  • Understanding “Cellular Consciousness” (This was in VHMT 4, Part 1)
  • How to form healthy boundaries and to be fully “present” while leading a regression
  • How to working therapeutically with pre-natal and birth stress constellations


What Else You Will Gain…

  • Learn counseling and bodywork practices to further reconnect and enliven bodies.
  • Empower yourself and others to “unwind,” “unlock,” and free up disempowering thoughts and emotions!
  • Practice a wide range of re-patterning tools for optimal health, achievement, and joy.

Tuition and Fees

Registration Fee: $25.00
Tuition: $390.00
State STRF Fee: $0.00
Total: $415.00

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