Aromatherapy Class

Credit Hours: 5

Locations and Start Dates

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San Francisco Massage School: 415.221.2533; Pleasanton Massage School: 925.461.2533.

What’s Great About World School’s Aromatherapy Class…

What Is Aromatherapy?

In case you hadn’t heard, aromatherapies have some amazing properties that can, with minimum effort, affect the course of a conversation or of a health issue. In fact, one attorney who took this program uses aromatherapy in his practice, even in courtroom appearances.

Oh yes, what is aromatherapy? The use of scents extracted from fragrant plants to facilitate relaxation and healing.

If you have yet to learn about the properties and uses of aromatherapy then you’re in for a real eye-widening, rather nose- and heart-expanding experience.


What You Will Learn in Aromatherapy

In this Aromatherapy Course you will:

  • Learn how Aromatherapy Essences are made.
  • Learn the best uses of typically used aromas and their qualities.
  • Experiment with blending essential aroma oils for various healing purposes and needs.

Tuition and Fees

Registration Fee: $25.00
Tuition: $65.00
State STRF Fee: $0.00
Total: $90.00

Getting started in Aromatherapy is eeeeeasy.

You have two options:


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  • San Francisco Massage School: 415-221-2533
  • Pleasanton Massage School: 925-461-2533


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