Excerpts from an article published in Massage Magazine.

A MASSAGE Magazine Interview with

Patricia Cramer

by Robert Calvert

The Founder of the World School of Massage San Francisco and Vibrational Healing Massage Therapy shares her insights into the vibrational nature of the body.

I arrived at the World School of Massage San Francisco, home of Vibrational Healing Massage Therapy a few minutes early. As I was waiting for Patricia, one of the staff members came into the office, her eyes red and ready to burst with tears. She received numerous hugs and a lot of empathy from her co-workers. “This is just how it is sometimes,” someone said. She doesn’t usually come in like this, but if she or anyone else does, then it is treated as part of our working life together.”

The open and accepting environment at the World School is an obvious expression of the commitment that Patricia Cramer has to partnership and teamwork. Permission is given to explore and discover both professional and emotional development.

Ms. Cramer is to be commended for practically single-handedly building The World School of Massage and Holistic Healing Arts from a one-person operation in 1981, to one that today supports an administration and faculty staff of 11, and many staff volunteers. She has overcome personal adversity and emerged with a stronger and clearer focus in her teaching and staff management. Being true to her own character and experiences, she has also created a form of bodywork, called Vibrational Healing Massage Therapy, contributing to her many fortunate students and clients.

The vibrations released in her Vibrational Healing Massage Therapy may in some ways seem familiar to practitioners. But then, aren’t all inquires into the body/mind begun at the same starting point, the human being? The frequencies freed up in the Vibrational Healing Massage Therapy are yet another level of sensitivity that we humans are capable of perceiving. This work is certainly etching itself a place in the myriads of methods that are available today for the easy release of trauma from the body. And the Language of Healing that is taught inside of this work helps free the conversations that have bound the mind as well.


How did you get involved in bodywork?

I studied aikido, tai chi and then Alpha Awareness Training over a period of 6 years. I studied enough to know that there is something more going on here. I decided to move to Bend, Oregon and live near the mountains. This is where I met my first meditation teacher, Ann Rothan. Ann recognized that I would be a natural at healing and suggested that I study with her friend Pierre Pannetier, the Polarity teacher.

What about your relationship with Werner Erhard? Why are you acknowledging him in the teaching manual?

I acknowledge Werner for bringing to humanity the self-responsibility model. Just really bringing forth the distinctions of what it is to be responsible for oneself. I don’t think that is a popular thing to do. He really helped me see that the spoken word creates reality.

You see, in 1977 I was told that I had cancer. I hadn’t felt good in a couple of years. I was seeing my Chiropractor, James Holland, who took the x-rays and found the tumors. He referred me to an Osteopath who then told me that there were 2 large tumors obstructing my spinal nerves in my sacral area. I had him show me drawings, sketches and more than one set of x-rays. He told me my only option was at least to have a biopsy. I said a most powerful thing to him in response. I said, “If I have done this to myself, then I will undo it. Thank you, and no thank you!”

I walked out of the hospital that day with my drawings, my x-rays and a new way of life ahead of me. I had declared that I would change my life! I didn’t really know the “me” that was speaking when those simple words came out of my mouth. All I knew was that I wanted to feel whole and not in pain anymore. I knew that there was something more.

So, when I did the EST training shortly after that, I learned that declaration is the place where any commitment begins. I really got validated for declaring that I would heal myself.

You took responsibility for what happened instead of trying to blame it on food, genetics, or whatever it might be.

Right. I just drove out of the hospital parking lot, into a fruit and vegetable stand and bought organic beans and corn. This stand had been there all the time and I had never noticed it before my declaration to heal.

I thought, “Wow, I was born on a farm and I was raised on fresh food. I am going to go back to that. After buying $5-6 of fresh produce, I was driving home and I spotted a health food store. I had never noticed this store before either. I bought a gallon of aloe vera juice that day because I heard that it was good for curing cancer. I was also introduced to Dr. Bernard Jensen’s manuals on lymphatic and colon cleansing that day at the health food store.

I realized that day that there was so much that I knew nothing about. And that so many people had written books about it. I bought a book called Press Point Therapy, that is about doing fine tuned reflexology points on all of the hands and feet. I was so dedicated that I did it for hours, day after day. I’d even bring my friends over and do their feet or hands. That was really my first introduction to bodywork.

When was that?


So what happened to the development of the tumors?

Well, they are gone. They don’t show up in x-rays. I had two complete neurological exams and scans. One in 1989 and one in 1992 and nothing showed up. Even 17 years later I can feel the tenderness where the nerves are starting to reconnect and become alive. My legs and thighs feel healthier and definitely look firmer as the nerves realign and regain some life there.

In your manual’s introduction you wrote, “Listen to people’s body rhythms and forces and to their words when they exclaim how spiritual and healing a session feels.”

We’ve tracked it for years and the reports from clients and students are just amazing. I’ve read every one of them. People say, “I’ve never felt my soul in my body before”, “I’ve never felt myself in my body like this before”, or “I’ve never felt vibration like this before in my body, it’s so spiritual!” It is really beautiful.

And this vibration, or force, stems from your own experiences, doesn’t it?

Yes, I brought forth this whole new way of thinking called the Fluid Model. I just started to notice as I did the Vibrational Healing Massage Therapy in 1981, that if I got someone more liquid in their body, more fluid, then the waves and frequencies would flow out more easily through whatever segment I was working on. I also noticed that I could work the segments of the body to be more connected to each other by one with another, or angles, etc. People were astonished by what they could feel release from their bodies, and how connected they felt afterwards. It is way beyond Trager kind of shaking and movement bodywork. There really is a release of stored trauma and especially of shock waves from emotional or physical pain.

Also Robert, I had learned in all my meditation and spiritual practice that there is a spirit body and that we are supposed to be grounded. I put these notions to work in the Fluid Model part of the Vibrational Healing Massage Therapy. We work with structure. We get people noticing and being in their bodies; in their feet and little toes. This is very practical and down to earth work, not just “vibrational.” In the foot there are lymph vessels, blood veins, arteries, capillaries, nerves, meridians and energy pathways. We teach people to see this and treat their bodies’ joints and junctions as the liquid flowing vessels they are, rather than solid and hard or burdened by the holding of the body upright.

I teach that if we’re putting all of our weight on our feet, if we’re standing on our feet, then we’re defining our foot as hard. If we’re defining something as hard and then pushing down on it, it’s probably impeding the flow. So I’ve learned how to carry my feet in a way that keeps them loose so that I can actually feel my own flows and connectedness in my feet. That has me feel more grounded and more on the floor. From that I started to discover that the floor is really holding me up anyway, and not me. I am free to flow.

To me this is a very spiritual inquiry. What’s going on here? The more I open my feet, the more I am in them and in my body. I started getting the sense that the more liquid I am, the more connected I feel.

So the more fluid that I started to be and stand, I noticed that I’m more space than I am solid. I studied anatomical charts more closely and I realized that the leg bones don’t really connect to the ankle bones: it is more space there than solid! This whole notion of space is a very interesting thing for me….”

So it’s not just a new awareness that you’re attempting to give them. You trust that the body, the nervous system and maybe, I’m not sure, maybe even the spiritual aspect, is somehow or another cognizant of what’s going on and is learning something new that they’re going to take with them.

I trust that. So much happens so quickly that I just consider the body an extraordinarily highly intelligent system that’s so far beyond what our limited world has allowed us to experience.

It’s one thing to do this in the classroom. What about when these students go out and express this to a client?

The same way. It’s so beautiful. Anyone can feel where people are solid and where they’ve solidified when they touch someone else or themselves. You can find if they are not fluid there. Then what is here and what’s stopping that person in that place? Almost always they have a story about it. In our beginning training we use the Fluid Model, we work from the toes all the way up, to the cranium. Then we get into their story. It really adds up fast and becomes obvious to people. ‘Well, I had a bad week”, or, “I’ve always had a bad knee.” The stories get revealed that weren’t obvious before that are causing the body blockages.

You have found a balance between the intellectual approach and having to do the business aspects of the anatomy and the physiology and all of the fundamentals. You’ve also incorporated a strong element of intuition, encouraging them to explore their intuitive feelings and to go with them and not to fear them, while at the same time developing the other side of the brain, too.

It’s so obvious in our graduates. There is a wholeness that people can tell they have, and a trust in their analytical process. They learn how to question here, and they learn how to feel and trust.

You’re not only talking to their intelligence, you’re putting them in their body and letting them experience their freedom for themselves.

Yes. Emotional change takes place simply by the release of energy and physical tension. It is that simple. As I work, the client is connecting in and they might cry or feel a different feeling or movement available to them, they just quickly hook into how they’ve been carrying themselves that hasn’t worked in the past.

People quickly get to see their positionality and often it translates and they immediately get to see the release. Once they see this, they can be a little more unconditional about it and they can hear somebody else’s point of view. It really comes to that rather quickly. It seems to be pretty easy.

The whole body is speaking. It is not just the mouth, heart or mind reporting, it’s a whole system. If we set up a communication that blocks people, the body has to position itself to avoid them, and to avoid all those thoughts, or denials, around that. So I think that this emotional healing is very holistic and does live everywhere in our lives. The whole body has to communicate something to position itself against anyone or anything. As that position is moved and realigned even for a moment or two, new communications slip through to the body/mind/spirit connection.

You don’t see it as a split between body and mind?

No, I think the whole body is a complete intelligence system.

What’s in your future?

I’m really excited about working with pregnant women, women birthing babies and The Language of Healing and how it’s true everywhere. Putting the pain and the trauma in the past and being in a present space that’s free and peaceful and tranquil.

What do you think is the most distinctive characteristic of Vibrational Healing Massage Therapy in comparing it with other kinds of massage therapy? What sets it apart?

Well, it’s the most holistic thing that I’ve found. It’s the most comprehensive with quick results right now and it can be done with clothes on, anywhere. It works as first aid on the street. If someone just falls or gets hit by a car, you can do it right then and there and get results, releasing trauma.”

Do you think intentionality plays a large part in the success of vibrational massage?

I see students doubting themselves having success with it. Intentionality is pretty key…”

It’s more an educational process than it is a therapy?


You’re not introducing a vibration. You’re discovering a vibration and allowing movement into these locked up spaces. How do you do that with your hands?

We just sense where there is tension, locked, cold, hard, and different sensory input. Then we create a certain torquing or alignment with another point, defining volume for them, so that there is a created awareness in that part of the body. A twist, a stretch, and then feel the realignment of the area or muscle so that there is now a flow created between the two places. Then there is a bit of a stimulus applied, either a shake or a stretch or a compression: something allowing for that stress to be unleashed. It releases whatever frequencies were stored. Our flow has the same qualities as a river and can be felt. Like music out of speakers it emits and moves. It has viscosity. So when the release is complete, the whole area is now currenting, circuiting and flowing. It is exquisite vibration that can be felt after the shock or harder waves have emitted.

Is there some advice you want to give to the readers, particularly women?

With all the resources and the teamwork available, I can have whatever I want in the world. Aligning my desires with what works with humanity seems to be in the flow. It allows for no end to the beauty that keeps coming to my life the more that I give. I just keep giving and I don’t stop. I keep being responsible for being a cause in my life and that I’m sourcing it all, like a goddess. I don’t have to back off, or I don’t have to quit, because sometimes it doesn’t look good to me right now, or the circumstances are difficult.

What other last messages do you want the world to know, Patricia?

To women around the world: You can have everything you want as long as you keep surrendering and letting go. Trust men’s response. They are very sensitive responders. Trust your uniqueness, and make powerful requests.

A message to humanity: You are vast beings. Continually remind yourself of your light, love and power. This has not been foremost in your education as it has been in other civilizations and at other times in our evolution. The time is now.

Thank you, Patricia


About Patricia Cramer

Patricia Cramer is the founder of the World School of Massage San Francisco and the developer of Vibrational Healing Massage Therapy®. She has personally trained thousands of certified massage therapists, professional bodyworkers, holistic health coaches, instructors and leaders over the last 30+ years.

In addition to Vibrational Healing Massage Therapy, Ms. Cramer is credited with several contributions in the field of holistic healing massage and somatics including the Language of Healing®Babies in Motion®: Birth Trauma ReleaseStructural Foot Balancing Foot Massage®, and Massage Body Mechanics®. She can be reached at the World School of Massage San Francisco at 415-221-2533 or at World School of Massage in Pleasanton: 925-461-2533.