Healing Birth Trauma: Babies in Motion

by Patricia Cramer

Overview: Babies in Motion Birth Trauma Release is a series of empathetic techniques that facilitates healing birth trauma. When used in conjunction with Vibrational Healing Massage Therapy®, Babies in Motion Birth Trauma Release encourages babies to reveal and communicate through their movements and sounds. Babies in Motion Birth Trauma Release helps free babies of past stresses and assists them in demonstrating fuller self-expression in both body movement and learning functions.

Have you ever really listened to a baby crying? Babies feel and communicate all of their needs. Most of us have been unaware of the delicate and unknown stresses and traumas that have occurred in pre-natal and birth experiences. There is much that happens during birth that is held in the deep recesses of our cellular memory and is asking for release. Babies, just like adults, want to be felt, heard, and seen with empathy. Babies want to be free.

Parents report that with this work they now see and hear babies communicating whole new worlds of information that they were not present to before. Mothers find that after this healing work, babies are far more alert, creative, and show improved physical skills and motor activities. Babies with this kind of freedom learn, develop, and socialize free of fear and aggression.

Healing Birth Trauma

For many years experts have conducted extensive study in an effort to discover the cause of infant crying. Crying contains much emotion that has not been explained even by experts or mothers who know their babies well. Current discoveries are suggesting that unresolved pre-natal and birth stress could be the reason for so much unexplained crying. Proof is prevalent now that even physical and mental learning limitations are either cleared or significantly improved when certain known birth traumas are resolved.

For instance, limiting social behaviors in children and adults has been directly linked to certain hospital and medical interventions at birth. A more obvious example is the use of forceps in delivery. Forcep pressure is generally attributed as one cause of adult migraine headaches, eye conditions, TMJ tensions, and teeth problems. Additionally, medical interventions that limit parent/child bonding, immediate breast feeding, and a father’s presence at birth can also contribute immensely to a child’s later intimacy and learning challenges.

Through extensive work with pre-natal trauma expert Dr. William Emerson, Patricia Cramer has integrated many distinctions about infant experience with her noted bodywork, Vibrational Healing Massage Therapy. Through these innovations and her experience of working with many infants and families for over 20 years, she and the faculty of the World School of Massage San Francisco have revealed the source of much unexplained crying and behavior.

Babies in Motion Demonstrations

Through Babies in Motion Birth Trauma Release lectures and demonstrations, Patricia Cramer and faculty members of the World School, reveal the subtle distinctions of how babies communicate their need to be free of bodily stresses and pains. They show how pre-natal and birth stresses that are left in the cellular memory of an infant can be empathized with and cleared at any age.

Participants in these demonstrations will experience amazing results. The possibility of healing birth trauma and shock patterns can shift once inaccessible patterns very simply. Ways to observe and free shock related incidents are taught along with new concepts of how to relate to our bodies as living, liquid intelligence. Students discover that expression and clearing can be realized not only for all babies, but for the baby in all of us.

About Patricia Cramer

Patricia Cramer is the founder of the World School of Massage San Francisco and the developer of Vibrational Healing Massage Therapy®. She has personally trained thousands of certified massage therapists, professional bodyworkers, holistic health coaches, instructors and leaders over the last 30 years.

In addition to Vibrational Healing Massage Therapy, Ms. Cramer is credited with several contributions in the field of holistic healing massage and somatics including the Language of Healing®Structural Foot Balancing Foot Massage®, and Massage Body Mechanics®. She can be reached at the World School of Massage San Francisco at 415-221-2533 or at World School of Massage in Pleasanton: 925-461-2533.