Based on student feedback in the Holistic Life Coaching Program, some students particularly enjoy creating wealth affirmations.

Below is a starter list of wealth affirmations for your enjoyment. Adapt them to your own perspectives and to greatest advantage, use them as a jumping off point for your own unique inspiration and creativity.

Here as well are a few guidelines in the use of wealth affirmations. We suggest you consider them because so many people use wealth affirmations in a way that actually reinforces resistance and stress patterns rather than releases them.

Wealth Affirmations: Guidelines For Use

1) When using wealth affirmations, if possible, avoid using them as a knee jerk distraction from painful emotions. Distraction isn’t a “bad” thing of course, it’s just that it may keep you from gaining the deeper meaning and benefit that your uncomfortable emotions have for you.

We explore the message of your emotions in Thank and Be WealthyYour Power to Create and many other courses as well.

2) Use wealth affirmations proactively whenever possible. For instance,

A) Write or review them before bed (after six hours sleep they tend to go into long-term memory)

B) Listen to an audio recording with your voice (look for a “binaural beats” recording program if possible).

C) Create your own new wealth affirmations in a journal.

Remember: to create a powerful and lasting relationship with an affirmation typically requires that you create strong emotion. That’s why reading other people’s wealth affirmations is typically far less powerful than writing your own.

Holistic Wealth Affirmations Starter List

  • Source/God/the Universe is infinite abundance. I NOW receive, accept, and relish It.
  • Money of all kinds comes to me quickly, easily and MASSIVELY.
  • I am a master of financial wealth and prosperity of all kinds.
  • I am absolutely financially free to be, do, and have anything I want, anytime I want, as long as I want.
  • I have massive passive income.
  • I regularly write checks for billions of dollars to enhance my planet.
  • Wealth of all kinds flows to me in avalanches of abundance.
  • I live my ideal lifestyle and have time for everything.
  • I am the infinite generosity of the Universe.
  • I always have more money than I can spend.
  • My income ALWAYS exceeds my expenses.
  • My company’s income always exceeds its expenses.
  • I embody wealth and abundance and unqualified generosity of the universe in every fiber and cell of my being.
  • My world is awash in money.
  • The universe continuously sends me all the people and resources I need for all my visions.
  • I am the energy of abundance personified.
  • I am a money magnet.
  • I am a master of energy and I flow the energy of money.
  • I am an unconditional giver.
  • Money energy flows in my life in avalanches of abundance.
  • I’m lovin’ ownership: homes, companies, farms, land, precious metals, stones, and money of many kinds.
  • I source my abundance.
  • I allow more of everything good in my life.
  • I feel and realize the abundance of the universe at all times.
  • Money makes possible the enjoyment of the best our earth affords.
  • Money and prosperity flow into my life from many different directions.
  • I allow the Universe/God/Source/My Higher Power/Law of Attraction to make it all happen.
  • I add value to other people’s lives.