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For years we have followed the tireless work of the holistic MD, Joseph Mercola as he reviews (extensively) the latest medical literature in light of both the medical model itself and holistic principles. It’s no surprise to us that his daily newsletter reaches more people than anyone in the field of holistic health.

Mercola’s Integrity and Competence

We have a clear sense of Mercola’s medical competence, his integrity as a person and are touched by his willingness to advocate for holistic principles in the face of criticism by the medical conglomerates.

Yes, we don’t always see eye to eye with Dr. Mercola–which is rare for us anyway. And for you skeptics, yes, he does sell products. We would like to point out that this began many years after he started his newsletter and what he does sell includes only those products that are difficult if not impossible to find elsewhere. For instance we get our zero EMF phone headsets from him and other items as well.

What’s a Nutritional Typing Test?

Dr. Mercola recently made available to the general public a unique nutritional typing test that could be very valuable to use with your clients and/or yourself. Nutritional typing is built on the assumption that different people flourish with different types of diets.

Mercola has tested this with thousands of his clients and has observed that many of his clients who weren’t flourishing with a vegetarian or vegan diet (we’re total fans of these of course), flourished to a greater degree with other types of diets (including organic meat).

World School’s Guinea Pig

We like his emphasis on insulin regulation as a key to weight loss and his encouragement of gluten-free eating. One friend used this tool and followed the nutritional plan designed for his “type.” He lost about 35 pounds in six weeks and continues to keep it off two months later.

Take the Test, It’s FREE

We want you to have access to a nutritional typing tool that he recently made available to the general public for free. We think it could be valuable for you to explore and to consider using with your clients.

To learn more and take the nutritional typing test, visit: The Secret that is Stunning Nutritionists

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