We do love to recognize your previous studies. We do it often, generously and have done so for decades.

Exactly HOW we do it, however, is another matter which is fairly well regulated by the State and requires that we be very specific.  Because we want to be a clear as possible with you and at the same time avoid boring you with too much information please download our Catalog. Once there, go to the Table of Contents> General Information>Transfer of Credit. You’re just one click away from your answer.

Remember when we transfer your hours to our transcript for you, we are taking full responsibility for your education and abilities when reporting to certification agencies such as the CAMTC. As a result, our process for evaluating your skills and competency is carefully considered and detailed.

If you would like more information relevant to your situation, you can contact one of our considerate and thoughtful admissions advisors and they will walk you through our catalog and review your special needs and considerations.