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How will I pay for my program?

The fact is, very, very few students have the ability to pay for their education on their own when they first have the desire to start healing massage school. Yet they find a way based in one part on the ways that we’ve found to support you and in another part on the depth of their desire–which has a way of moving mountains.

We are committed that you find a way to graduate debt-free even if you cannot yet pay for your education at the start.

Please visit us and meet with one of our magical financial wizards (we call them our admissions advisors) to learn how our students have found a way to graduate debt-free. We think you will be surprised at how easy and possible it is for you to afford a career you love.

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Do you provide housing assistance?

Yes. People move here from all over the world. The San Francisco Bay Area is one of the most beautiful places in the world in which to live.

In practical terms, students and others share with us housing opportunities on a regular basis and we are glad to share that information with you as well as important information about how students find housing and what kinds of opportunities work best for students in our area.

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Can I come to the World School as an international student?

Yes, students from over 30 countries have come to the World School.  This school has authorization under federal law to enroll nonimmigrant alien students.

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What’s the difference between a program and a brief massage therapy intensive?

Intensives are either a course held over a very short period of time such as a weekend or a series of courses held over one or a few weeks. A program involves multiple courses typically held over a longer period of time and usually involves more hours.

Intensives are a great way to get started in a career more quickly or to test your level of interest and enjoyment of massage as a career. Additionally, many people do attend our intensives for personal development–this is a great use of an intensive. Massage training moves us out of our analytical left-brain orientation into an integrated left-and right brain lifestyle. Many people take an intensive to get started earning money and then take more hours by adding on individual courses over time.

If your goal is a career in massage therapy, you will want to eventually complete a full program of at least 500 hours to ensure you possess the skills and training necessary to have a sustainable massage practice and satisfy requirements for practice in many states.


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How will World School programs prepare me for a successful massage therapy career?

A lasting, successful career in the massage, health and wellness field takes much more than a few massage courses. It takes a broad spectrum of training–

from communication and empathy skills that create lasting relationships,
to entrepreneurship skills that build a prosperous private practice,
to excellence in your healing skills that produce client results,
to healthy living, self-healing, and personal development that sustain your passion for what you do.

This wide array of skills and abilities is what we have been supporting our students do successfully for over 30 years.

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What’s special about the massage programs at World School?

Our San Francisco massage school programs have been at the forefront of holistic health education for more than 30 years.

Of course our programs are designed to ensure that you meet requirements for local, state and national agencies.

And of course, we’re committed that you have great technical skills. In fact, we’re known for being innovators in the massage field: from body mechanics to the healing communication, trauma release, stress management and more.

Yet, no one in the field of healing massage  professional would suggest that’s all you need. Every healing massage professional you ever meet who has been in the healing massage field more than ten years will tell you that the work you do on yourself is key to facilitating healing for others.

What World School provides you is a lifestyle of healing and transformation. We offer you the ability to heal and transform yourself and make that the foundation for facilitating healing for others. Healer, heal yourself first and choose from over 50 courses in

Eastern and Western Energy healing
Somatic (mind-body) therapeutics
Entrepreneurship and business
Relationship, empathy and communication
Stress management
Leadership and teacher training
Health and wellness coaching
Nutrition and fitness lifestyle training

A therapist, practitioner, educator, or coach who has completed the World School’s extensive personal and professional development training is equipped to create outstanding results for clients, and a successful, lasting career for themselves.

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May I design my own program?

Yes, absolutely. You may combine courses from different programs into one suited to your unique desires and needs. We’re huge fans of individuality.

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May I take massage programs part-time?

Absolutely, most people do.

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Can I take one course at at time?

Most all of our massage classes can be taken individually. Some prerequisites may apply. Call one of our caring admissions advisors with further questions.

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How soon can I get started?

Virtually anytime! World School programs run on a rolling admission schedule, with many start dates monthly.


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How flexible are your program or course schedules?

Our programs are designed to accommodate varying schedules, offering evening, weekend and daytime classes full or part-time and intensives. Please contact one of our authentic admissions advisors at the campus of your interest for the latest schedule.

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