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Is World School certified and accredited?

Certification, licensure, accreditation and business permits…oh my, that’s a lot to try to process. We’ll do our best to get you started here especially as it relates to what you need to get started in your massage career.

Certification or licensure (not accreditation) is what you will need to ensure that you can practice massage lawfully in a given state.

To qualify for massage certification, you will need to attend a massage school approved to operate by a given state and then use those hours to apply to a third-party organization approved to provide “certification.” Schools cannot certify, license or accredit you. Only third-party or state organizations can do that. Schools can neither “certify” anyone, nor can they “accredit” or “license” anyone.

In practical terms for the student, “accreditation” means a school has qualified for federal financial aid, mainly for people who have never been to college. Sadly, many students graduate from these institutions (mainly trade schools and corporate massage schools) with huge student loan burdens that sabotage their ability to get their career off the ground.

One of the reasons for this is because the Federal government requires that to receive federal funding, students must attend a program of at least 920 hours. This is unfortunate because in many states such as California, 250 hours is all that is needed to get started practicing and determine if this is a career with which you are fully aligned.

World School has chosen to remain modestly sized and to avoid Federal accreditation. This allows us to offer you a highly personalized education which prevents large class sizes (healing training needs to be more of a mentoring process than a large group experience), while taking a wide detour around the “for-profit” education […]

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What if I have to miss a day of class?

If you miss a day of class we will work with you to make it up the next time it is offered at either campus.

If the day of class that you miss is part of a larger program, you are allowed to miss a certain number of classes within each program and still receive your certificate of completion. The amount you can miss varies based on the program and is covered in orientation and our catalog.

For more details on a particular program, please contact one of our extraordinary admissions advisors. We love to answer your questions.
San Francisco Massage School: 415-221-2533
Pleasanton Massage School: 925-461-2533

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What books or supplies will I need for this course?

It’s different for each class and, especially in the case of books, because we are constantly and continuously updating and improving our book lists. We’re committed to continuous evolution of our curriculum rather than creating static courses that always look the same. This is because we want you to have the most up to date information possible on every subject taught here. If you are enrolled in a program, this question will be answered during orientation. If not, please contact our Student Coordinator at the location of your course.

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What do I need to bring to the class?

It’s different for each class. If you are enrolled in a program, this question will be answered during orientation. If not, please contact our Student Coordinator at the location of your course.

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How long does it take to complete any given course?

Please see the course schedule for the specific course in question. This can be found on the page of the course you’re interested in.

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How often are different courses offered?

In general, core bodywork courses are offered once every quarter at each location. Other courses are typically offered about two to three times a year at each location.

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If I’m taking the course for CEU’s only, may I take the class hours only and skip homework, clinic hours, etc.?

Sure. Just contact one of our cheerful admissions advisors for the exact hours. We do strongly recommend you speak to one of our helpful admissions advisors to confirm what you will specifically be missing by doing so.

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Will I be able to use these hours as massage Continuing Education Units (CEUs)?

Yes, our courses accepted for CEU certification hours by California’s certification body the CAMTC.

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Do you teach body mechanics?

This is a very valuable question. We’re thrilled you asked. World School began innovating in the specialty area of body mechanics over 30 years ago. This is in part because we want you to have a healthy, long and prosperous career. Healthy and optimum body mechanics is one of the keys to ensuring longevity while also avoiding injury.

If you are practicing optimum body mechanics, you should always feel better after conducting a massage session. Sadly, many massage therapists have come to World School because they were never taught body mechanics well, if at all at their massage school. They had become incapable of continuing in their career due to physical pain from repetitive physical stress or injury. For many of these people, by learning optimum body mechanics, they were able to heal their physical issues and pursue their career again.

How We Teach It

We teach optimum massage mechanics throughout many of our courses because every massage modality has unique issues related to body mechanics that need to be addressed. This is why we have always avoided one simplistic course in body mechanics as is taught in some schools. A single course doesn’t make sense to us. In virtually every case it reflects a superficial understanding of body mechanics. Body mechanics is a global issue that needs to be attended to in every bodywork course.

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Is there homework?

“Homeplay” at World School is the activity formerly known to you as “homework.” We call it “homeplay” because we want you to create new and more enjoyable associations with your class assignments.

Yes, there is homeplay associated with many classes here and what you will be asked to complete varies by class. The amount of time you have to complete a home play assignment varies by assignment and the date that your class completes. We also hold an expectation that you will complete your home play as you go.

Most importantly, we just want you to have fun with all this. Fear isn’t a sustainable motivator, enjoyment and play and fun is. Are you open to having fun?

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Will I be able to use these class hours towards massage certification?

Yes, our courses are accepted by California’s certification body the CAMTC. For people who love detail…

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How often do programs start?

World School offers rolling admissions which is very convenient compared to a semester schedule. This means that you can take advantage of one or two start times any month.

Courses can be taken in any order (with some minor exceptions). In other words, you can start any time we have courses offered. You can even take courses at either campus. How cool is that?

For specific start dates any given program, please see the tab marked “Step 2) CHOOSE a Start Date” on “Register Today! 4 Eeeeasy Steps to a Career You Love!” on this very page or on our Program Registration page.

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What’s the quickest pace for completing my program?

You can speed up your coursework by taking more classes more frequently and/or attending one of our full-time, brief “intensives.” You can even attend courses on both campuses if you want to be really speedy.

If speed is important to you, be sure to inquire with one of our enjoyable admissions advisors about our next intensives at the campus of your choice and develop a personalized plan for rapid completion.

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What’s the best pace for completing my program?

Our programs have been designed for decades to be taken part-time; about 10-20 hours per week. This pace provides time for you to integrate your learning and physical skill development as well as your personal transformation which is a natural outgrowth of courses at World School. We have a deep commitment to self-healing as a basis for contributing to others. It’s what works now and always has.

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How long will it take me to complete my program?

How long a given program takes depends mainly upon how much time you want to dedicate to the program and the length of the program. You can attend part-time or full time. Any of our program comparison tables or program summaries will tell you how long the program is expected to take on a part-time, 12-20 hour per week basis.

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