This is a very valuable question. We’re thrilled you asked. World School began innovating in the specialty area of body mechanics over 30 years ago. This is in part because we want you to have a healthy, long and prosperous career. Healthy and optimum body mechanics is one of the keys to ensuring longevity while also avoiding injury.

If you are practicing optimum body mechanics, you should always feel better after conducting a massage session. Sadly, many massage therapists have come to World School because they were never taught body mechanics well, if at all at their massage school. They had become incapable of continuing in their career due to physical pain from repetitive physical stress or injury. For many of these people, by learning optimum body mechanics, they were able to heal their physical issues and pursue their career again.

How We Teach It

We teach optimum massage mechanics throughout many of our courses because every massage modality has unique issues related to body mechanics that need to be addressed. This is why we have always avoided one simplistic course in body mechanics as is taught in some schools. A single course doesn’t make sense to us. In virtually every case it reflects a superficial understanding of body mechanics. Body mechanics is a global issue that needs to be attended to in every bodywork course.