We are going to help you find a job while you’re still in school! And while you’re in school, we’re going to help you start a private practice so you can have a financially and emotionally sustainable career. Are you open to that?

The World School of Massage and Holistic Healing Arts has been providing top quality education in massage therapy and holistic healing arts for the past 33 years. As such, we have nurtured relationships with massage businesses and are frequently contacted by local businesses looking to hire our graduates. As a school, we routinely share these job opportunities with our students and this provides a good way for them find employment.

Holistic Tip: It’s really not difficult to gain employment in the massage field at this time. Massage Envy and large spas are always looking for more therapists. The question is “why?”

The financial model of larger spas and massage franchises is dependent up hiring low cost labor. These types of businesses as a result expect to have a lot of turnover and depend on having a large, low cost pool of labor of eager new and young therapists to replace those who couldn’t afford the lower wages.

Beware of corporate massage schools advertising their job placement rates. What they’re often bragging about is their success in placing you in a dead-end financial position. There’s a better way. We invite you to become a healing massage therapist in private practice. Financially sustainable and fulfilling beyond words.

Massage Employment

That said, it may be valuable for you to know that we’ve been training students to land a massage job in our business classes for decades. Our students have been quite successful at it. From job hunting skills to preparing for a massage “practical” interview to how to communicate authentically and “from your heart,” we will show you the secrets of getting your first massage job.

And did you know that according to the ABMP 78.9 percent of all massage therapists are independent practitioners? We think employment is a great short-term option for you if you have little customer service experience or would like to explore what it’s like to work in a spa, sports or cruise ship environment. Just remember that you will want to graduate to private practice before long. And that’s one of the many reasons why we have been providing extensive business training aimed a private practice for decades.

Private Practice Massage Business Training

World School is the only school in the Bay Area that we know of which has offered specialized training courses for students to start their own private practice for more than a decade; other schools just got started if they are doing it at all. This is critical because private practice is a wiser financial model for the vast majority of massage therapists.