Touch for Health

Credit Hours: 19

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What’s Great About Touch for Health

What Is Touch for Health?

Touch for Health Kinesiology (TFH) is the world’s most widely used system of kinesiology and is an outstanding tool for supporting clients to achieve their goals.

Millions of people have experienced and benefited from Touch for Health Kinesiology.

Touch for Health Kinesiology is easy to learn and practice too. It doesn’t require knowledge of anatomy or physiology or energetic systems such as meridians.

Touch for Health Kinesiology is both an energetic diagnostic tool as well as a healing modality. As a diagnostic tool, Touch for Health Kinesiology uses muscle testing (a form of biofeedback) as a tool for identifying energy imbalances in the body’s energy system. As a healing modality, Touch for Health Kinesiology attempts to rebalance your body’s energy system to facilitate your innate healing abilities as well as empower you to achieve goal-specific outcomes.

What’s Special About This Course?

One thing that’s special about this course is that it is taught by one of the world’s leading experts on the subject, John Maguire. John’s enormous depth of experience in the field of holistic health ensure’s that you gain a great understanding of how widely the tools of Touch for Health Kinesiology can be applied in your life coaching and wellness-coaching practice.

What You Will Gain

  • Learn how to coach yourself and your clients using kinesiological muscle testing techniques.
  • Practice and understand how to test a person’s body for muscle and meridian imbalances.
  • Learn how to muscle test yourself and your clients for food sensitivities and best food choices.
  • Learn basic Chinese meridians and their connected glands and organs.

Tuition and Fees

Registration Fee: $25.00
Tuition: $323.00
State STRF Fee: $0.00
Total: $348.00

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