Team Life Coaching and Development

Credit Hours: 30

Locations and Start Dates

Our team life coach and development course is a support and training structure that begins when you start the health and life coaching program.

Start Dates

Team Life Coaching and Development is part of the Holistic Health and Life Coaching Program and begins once you start your program.

What’s Great About Team Life Coaching and Development

What Is Team Life Coaching and Development?

Team Life Coaching and Development is a course with many different objectives and aspects that are essential to your professional development. Having held this program for more than 30 years, there are many components that we have found are indispensable for your development that don’t take place in a classroom. In this course, we focus on three of them:

  1. Journaling for self-esteem development, new thought habit formation and improved mood.
  2. Coaching for professional coaching skill development and for enhancing your personal goal follow-up habits.
  3. Group support for course follow-through and habit formation support.

Work With a Professional Coach

Doesn’t it make sense that if you are to become a professional coach or counselor, it would be a good idea to be on the receiving end of coaching with a professional coach as well? That’s just one of the great aspects of this course.  As part of your Team Life Coaching and Development course, you will receive six months of coaching, once every two weeks. These are not student coaches like you will find in some programs either, some of the coaches you will be working with have over 30 years of coaching experience!

Develop Your “Persistence” Skills

If you had issues in your own life with follow through and persistence toward your goals over time, how might that affect  your ability to powerfully coach your clients on follow through in their own lives? Yes, it might undermine your entire ability to facilitate your client’s in achieving their goals. That’s why the coaching you receive will focus on your follow through skills related to the personal development plan you develop for yourself in the first course of this program. How cool is that?

Develop a Like-Minded Community

Did you know that in the world of business, many, many entrepreneurs are part of a goal-oriented development group of some kind? Such groups are often called networking groups, mastermind groups or professional groups. These groups are important because they are ideal for creating new habits (an enormous part of your program) and helping you learn to overcome obstacles to achieving your goals. That’s why one component of this course is your participation in a professional study and development group.

Closely related to this, we’ve found that one of the keys to personal growth and development is the quality of the people with whom you surround yourself. High quality people with common goals, like your classmates in this program, are the perfect people to support you in following through on your homeplay and other assignments. We have these groups for new habit formation and because these professional development groups often continue years after the program has completed as you get your coaching practice under way.

Inspiration Rather Than Fear

Another reason why a like-minded community is so important is this: we don’t issue grades here at World School. Why? Because we want you to learn how to move toward goals through inspiration rather than internal motivations like fear produced by internal “shoulds,” “musts,” “have tos” and “what ifs.” This is critical for working with clients because for many of them, fear is what they use to motivate themselves primarily. Unfortunately, fear often sabotages goal achievement in the long term. So, as students transition from fear-based motivation to inspiration-based behavior, many find they need extra support in follow-through with their reading and “home play” (formerly “homework”) assignments.

What Else You Will Gain

  • Implement and sustain new habits of thought, emotion and behavior that grow out of the inspiration of your participation in this program.
  • Receive professional coaching support to learn how to coach first hand and to develop your follow-through skills while working through your own “blind spots.”
  • Leverage the power of your peers to follow-through on your commitment to complete this program and develop your practice during and after this program.
  • Work with peers in a group supervision context to practice client enrollment skills in person and through social media.
  • Develop habits of self-esteeming and enhanced mood for yourself so you can support your clients powerfully!

Tuition and Fees

Registration Fee: $25.00
Tuition: $510.00
Total: $535.00

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