The Relationship Course, Part 2: The Path of Connection

Credit Hours: 18

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What’s Great About The Relationship Course, Part 2: The Path of Connection

What Is The Relationship Course, Part 2: The Path of Connection?

As we shared about The Relationship Course, Part 1, this is one of the most powerful courses a person could take anywhere, anytime, anyway.

In this, the second level of the relationship class, the goals, intentions and outcomes that we promise from Part 1 remain exactly the same. Part 2 is the essential follow-up to this relationship class that ensures the you cement the enormous gains that you took from Part 1 and take them to an entirely new and higher level.

Connect Up!

In this relationship class you will explore and practice both what’s optimal and what’s possible in any relationship that is profoundly related and deeply connected (both inner- and inter-).

You will receive the most advanced communication skills training on the planet today and immediately put them into practice connecting and relating deeply with everyone you choose—especially yourself.

You will experience the freedom of releasing your attachment to relationship worship and dependencies and discover that being the relationship you dream of is how you will attract the relationship of your dreams.

If you’ve ever yearned for more or deeper or closer, your relationships are about to become the very “Greatest” aspect of your life and the lives of everyone you touch.

Relationships and Coaching

From one perspective, relationships are everything in life. In the field of coaching, your ability to develop and form relationships is the key to facilitating success with your clients and them achieving sustainable success in their lives as well.

At another level, your ability to communicate effectively and form an abundance of high-quality loving relationships in your personal life is key to your having a life context that continuously empowers you to be a great coach for others.

What’s Special About This Course?

As we shared, this relationship class gives you access to the most powerful communication and relationship technologies and training available today. And you will find that our special trainer, Nancy Kahn, is one of the finest teachers of this subject that you will ever encounter in your lifetime. Nancy is a phenomenal trainer.

Another thing that is special about this relationship class is that students in our Holistic Life Coaching program are encouraged to bring their loved ones to this course free of charge. We want you to thrive in your personal relationships.

What You Will Gain

Connected Relationships

  • Transcend judgments of yourself and others and create the relationships of your dreams.
  • Release conflict and build connection quickly and effectively as you learn to identify the needs and intentions that motivate all your behavior and the behaviors of others toward you.
  • Reconnect with people you’ve judged out of your life.

Peaceful Relationships

  • Discover the awesome freedom of living without fear of others and what they will say or think about you.
  • Joyously take complete and total responsibility for your inner judgments and your projection of them on to others (blaming and criticism).
  • Listen more fully to people’s underlying intentions and genuine needs than to their unconscious words.
  • Enjoy the infinite sense of ease as you let go of your fears of others projecting their pain onto you.

Self-Loving Relationships

  • Uncover an Inner world is filled with self-love and self-empathy.
  • Release your habitual self-loathing and anger and depression.
  • Cease looking outside yourself to fill your emptiness and uncover your inner-peace.
  • Fully receive and embody acknowledgments from others.
  • Allow yourself to accept and admit your needs and desires and expect their fulfillment.
  • Experience the freedom and glee of living genuinely and fully self-expressed.
  • Fully accept your emotional experience.
  • Learn to speak powerfully and compassionately to yourself and others utilizing the most successful communication tools available today.

Tuition and Fees

Registration Fee: $25.00
Tuition: $306.00
State STRF Fee: $0.00
Total: $331.00

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