Nutrition and Fitness

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What’s Great About Nutrition and Fitness

What Is Holistic Nutrition and Fitness?


When it comes to our energy, vitality, beauty and youthfulness, the choices we make about our food and hydration are one of, if not THE greatest factor.

However, many of us have met people who experience so much inner stress and trauma that the most astounding food choices and exercise regimens apparently make little difference.

Is it possible that the way we think and feel about our food choices has as much or more to do with assimilation, digestion, energy and longevity than we once believed?

Nutrition and Intention

Like all our courses, the foundations of a Holistic Fitness and Nutrition begins with creating habits of thought and emotion about food that will empower you to make the choices you really want while bringing you enormous freedom and vitality.

Next, what’s possible from the freedom of this foundational space celebration of your food choices is extraordinary.

And remember, this is a course at the World School. Our core purpose is “Celebrating joy and well-being.” Therefore, this is not a “Fear’nGuilt’emTillTheyStopEatingCruddyFood” course. This is an “EmpowerAndInspire’emToMakeAuthenticChoicesAndEnjoyWhateverTheyChoose” course.

Think of Holistic Nutrition and Fitness as the health and nutrition course your family always wanted you to have but never found—until today!

Nutrition, Fitness and Coaching

For many of our clients, their food choices are profoundly affecting their mood. And mood is unbelievably important for your clients because virtually all our choices are made and behavior occurs based on our mood. In other words, if you want your client to achieve her/his goals, holistic nutrition, fitness and hydration form one of the key dimensions of client support that they will need. Everything in a client’s life can affect her/his mood and mood affects everything that you need to be concerned with for your client’s goal achievement.

What’s Special About This Course

Holistic Fitness and Nutrition will give you everything you need to know to coach the vast majority of your clients on nutrition short of a nutrition certification program.

What Else You Will Gain

Here is a shortened list of what you’re about to discover in Holistic Nutrition and Fitness:

  • We will disclose which foods, super foods, juices and supplements are naturally most assimilable, bioavailable, and have the greatest long-term effects upon your energy and longevity.
  • Yes, weight loss is important to many of us. We will be supporting you in this goal in many courses and in multiple ways. This course is a “diet-free” zone. Here, we will disclose only solid, proven, tested and sensible methods for living a nutrient-rich, calorie-dense, high-energy, longevity-enhancing and of course eminently-achievable, addictively-tasty, and time-efficient lifestyle.
  • Are you aware that the latest advances in the science of longevity suggest that living well into our 100’s is possible for most of us today? We will reveal the youthing secrets of the oldest living people on planet earth and discover the latest practices that make a definite difference.
  • Did you know that many nutrition professionals believe that digestion consumes more energy than any other system in human body? We will show you how to create more available energy today by simple changes to your digestion.
  • Some scientists believe that the quality of your hydration is the most important aspect of your health. We will reveal optimum hydration habits and which types of water your body assimilates best.
  • If you aren’t digesting and eliminating quickly or detoxifying optimally, your body’s immune and healing functions are greatly decreased. We will show you how to have astoundingly healthy elimination, detoxification and healing responses.
  • Speaking of elimination, did you know that your skin is one of your body’s most amazing eliminative organs? We will show you natural ways of releasing wrinkles, stabilizing pigmentation, and having beautiful skin that is free of long-term and unsightly side effects of modern interventions.
  • Some scientists believe that what we don’t eat is equally or more important to our health than what we do eat. We will examine the latest reports from the most knowledgeable doctors on the planet.
  • Did you know that most of the fruit we now eat, even if organic, is far less nutritious than it was 40 years ago. We will discuss here how to select the most healthy food possible and create the most nutrient-rich diet possible.
  • Many of us follow the see-food diet. We “see” food and we eat it. Why? Because it’s there of course. We will show you how to select and prepare for your family the lowest-cost, high-nutrient and high-quality food available.

Tuition and Fees

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Total: $926.00

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