The Mindful Lifestyle: Stress Management Coaching

Credit Hours: 32

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What’s Great About The Mindful Lifestyle: Stress Management Coaching…

What Is The Mindful Lifestyle: Stress Management Coaching?


What, if, instead of telling you that stress was something that you should get rid of, we told you the opposite. Here it goes.

Both stress and present moment awareness are messages—important and invaluable internal communication. As you begin to understand how to interpret these messages and their intrinsic well-meaning, you will cease trying to avoid the stress and begin to welcome the communication instead.

Once this happens, you will feel a sense of freedom unlike any you have experienced and your relationship with stress and life will be transformed forever.

In short, the message of stress is a message of health and when you operate from this advanced understanding, you will find stress to be a welcomed compass directing you toward ever-greater wellness, vibrancy and success in every dimension of your life.

Come join us and gain access to the most inspirational, and effective tools and principles available for living stress-lessly and with an authentic and appreciative awareness of each moment of your life.

Mindfulness and Coaching

Any great coach with many years of experience will agree that her/his ability to be fully “present” in the moment with their client is one of, if not THE most important characteristics in contributing to clients. This is a course that gives you access to a lifetime of practices for facilitating your capacity for giving to your clients in this way.

Stress Management and Coaching

How does this relate to coaching? Chronic stress reflects thought and emotion patterns that are the core client obstacles for goal acheivement. They are the window into the soul of client change and, with the right training, can absolutely be leveraged to release the patterns that have kept your client from their dreams. Coaches interested in client success and success in their own lives will find this course in stress management coaching to be a revelation of transformation. This course will show you how.

What’s Special About This Course?

As with all courses at World School, this course in mindfulness and stress management coaching is an apply-it-to-your-own-life-first-and-for-the-rest-of-your-life course. This approach avoids boundary issues with your client and ensures that you can speak with your client confidently and experientially on the topic.

At another level, this stress management coaching course is important to coaches because it is the only course of it’s kind on the planet. It is an exploration of the relationship between the power of intention, presence and mindfulness practices as well as and the role of stress management can play in unleashing the power of intention in your life!

What Else You Will Gain

No matter how stressed or hopeless you are, here are just a few of the additional benefits you will gain:

The Power of Presence

  • Experience the amazing power of living with awareness of the present moment.
  • Release your ruminations over the regrets of your past or your fears of the future.
  • Develop even more habits of thought that empower you to live each moment of life fully.

Peace Inner-Connection

  • Gain greater access to your innate intelligence/inner knowing and facilitate this for others.
  • Create inner peace as you tune in to your body’s subtle health feedback systems.
  • Experience the joy of distinguishing your true essence from your negative mind chatter.

Abundance and Well-Being

  • Fill your life with extraordinary ease, abundance and health.
  • Radically diminish emotional pain as you leverage leading-edge stress-release technologies.
  • Experience the myriad health benefits of enjoyable emotions.
  • Create mental and emotional patterns that work using ancient and modern breath techniques.

Success Mastery

  • Gain greater success as you discover the relationship between the power of attraction and stress.
  • Gain greater energy and mental mastery through the use of traditional movement and meditation technologies (e.g., yoga, Chi Gong, Tai Chi, etc.).
  • Bring greater balance and abundance into your life as you discover your needs and desires.

Optimum Health

  • Develop skills that literally and continuously transform stress into health and prosperity.
  • Diminish your internal stress environment by applying holistic principles e.g., nutrition, movement, environmental care, etc.

Freedom and Learned Optimism

  • Diminish stress significantly as you discover how to release negativity and self-judgment.
  • Develop absolute certainty that you can stop your relentless negative thoughts and pain.
  • Release emotional pain and learn to take action quickly by accepting rather than resisting life.

Tuition and Fees

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Tuition: $544.00
State STRF Fee: $0.00
Total: $569.00

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