Holistic Coaching Skills: Inquiry and Introspection

Credit Hours: 12

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Holistic Life Coaching Skills: Inquiry and Introspection is a self-directed course which is part of the Holistic Health and Life Coaching Program. You can begin this life coaching skills class as soon as you start your program.

What’s Great About Holistic Coaching Skills: Inquiry and Introspection

What Is Holistic Coaching Skills: Inquiry and Introspection?

Coach With Excellence

Excellence in the practice of your life coaching skills and continuous improvement of your life coaching skills may be the single most important element in coaching success. That’s why we’ve had a quality improvement expert working on the ground level of this program for over ten years. One of the things that we discovered out of this process was that the better a person’s skills at assessing her/his own life coaching skills and critiquing the life coaching skills of his peers, the faster he/she will improve.

Our life coaching skills course provides you with expertly designed inquiry processes that advance your abilities to improve your skills rapidly and continuously for the rest of your coaching career.

Achieve Your Goals

We also discovered that virtually every student has personal blind spots when it comes to following through on commitments, particularly to themselves. Many, yet not all, find it easier to give to others than themselves, especially in the area of their personal and professional development. This life coaching skills course provides you the opportunity to

  • Continuously assess your follow through skills on your personal and professional development goals as well as
  • Assess and continuously align your progress with the release of habits that no longer serve you and the creation of new habits that empower you as a coach.

What Else You Will Gain

  • Develop life coaching skills for client achievement and success through personal inquiry and introspection practices.
  • Develop life coaching skills for facilitating both intuitive and linear client inquiry.
  • Develop powerful coach-client boundaries that ensure ethical and effective coaching.

Tuition and Fees

Registration Fee: $25.00
Tuition: $204.00
Total: $229.00

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