Coaching Skills: Process

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What’s Great About Coaching Skills: Process…

What Is Coaching Skills: Process?

Many people think that coaching training simply involves following a clear step-by-step process along with a specific set of questions.  The reality is, however, that if you place too much mental focus on following a set format, you will force the client into a box by focusing them in their mind rather than their heart and mind together. Such an approach undermines your ability to stay in your heart-mind and the creative/intuitive “zones” that are essential to great coaching and they prevent the client from accessing the same.

We’ve spent years developing unprecedented holistic coaching processes that facilitate both intellect and intuition, that keep the process organic and authentic rather than canned, technical, mental and impersonal, that are PROCESS-based rather than format-confined and keep you and your client’s heart at the center of the creative coaching process. And what comes out of this holistic coaching approach is goal achievement and sustainable outcomes that will keep your client’s coming back and referring others to you.

Coaching and The Power of Intention

The power of your mind is beyond anything we humans have yet to comprehend. We create and attract whatever we focus upon predominantly. The great psychologist Carl Jung said this yet another way when he cautioned, “What we resist persists.” One of the greatest implications of this is that clients will come to you with unwanted behaviors and patterns that they keep recreating in their lives because they have a pattern of focusing upon “fixing” what’s wrong rather than focusing exclusively upon their dream. Their mind is predominantly patterned or habituated around what they don’t want rather than what they do want.

The “black eye” in the field of holistic coaching is that the vast majority of coaches attempt to “fix” client complaints and issues, thus reinforcing the client’s failure patterns. “Fixing” a client is absolutely the worst thing a coach can do. At the same time, it is usually the most difficult thing for a holistic coach not to do. Why? Because most holistic coaches are trying to fix everything in their own lives and unconsciously bring this compulsion into the relationship with the client. That’s why they enter the helping professions in the first place. There’s a better way.

Here’s what great holistic coaches do instead. Great coaches listen, empathize, clarify underlying needs and develop goals that empower the client to focus all their available attention and energy upon what they DO want. They help the client find their “move toward.” This is an art form and we will show you how. In fact, it’s easy if you have the right training and deeply experienced holistic coaches to show you. We’ll even do you one better. In this holistic coaching program we will show you how to release your internal habit of trying to “fix” yourself and everyone around you  and show you how to live a life of complete self-acceptance and client-acceptance that will revolutionize your life and your relationships forever. Are you open to that?

What’s Special About This Course?

This holistic coaching course is taught by David Ross who has 25 years of clinical coaching and counseling experience and who possesses a heart that is at least as great as his intellect. He has literally worked with over 30,000 individual clients.

David is one of the directors of this program. He has extensive experience in health and life coaching, applied psychology, Non-Violent Communication, Positive Psychology and client assessment. For the last ten years he has focused on developing unique approaches to holistic coaching that leverage the power of intention and that result in measurable client success outcomes.

What You Will Gain

  • Learn the fundamentals of powerful holistic health and holistic coaching of yourself and others.
  • Discover the keys to holistic coaching that facilitate authentic and meaningful long-term results for your clients.
  • Learn holistic coaching techniques that empower rather than “fix” clients and that leverage client thoughts and emotions for outcome achievement.
  • Discover how to employ the success psychology and positive psychology practices to generate reliable client results.

Tuition and Fees

Registration Fee: $25.00
Tuition: $238.00
State STRF Fee: $0.00
Total: $263.00

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