Coaching Development Teleconferences

Credit Hours: 34

Our coaching skill development teleconferences are designed to deepen what is learned in Holistic Coaching Skills: Process.

What’s Great About Coaching Development Teleconferences…

What Are Coaching Development Teleconferences?

What are Coaching Skill Development Teleconferences and why are they so important to the development of life coaching skills?

Great coaches are like great athletes. They appreciate the fundamentals of their art and realize the critical importance of practicing them over and over again. They comprehend that getting the process of coaching deeply wired into their bodies is critical to ensuring that when the moment arrives to take action or in this case, ask a question, they don’t have to think about what to say or do, they just do it.

Great athletes and coaches both know that if they are thinking about how to make a shot, they likely won’t make it. It must be spontaneous and intuitive. Free of thinking for the most part, an act of creation. Great coaches know that their coaching must become a part of their nature for it to evolve into the intuitive and creative process that turns a client session into a life transforming experience.

That’s why we’ve created Coaching Skill Development Teleconferences. In these special phone calls using advanced technology that allows you to coach and be supervised in pairs and small groups, you will get to practice your coaching skills over and over again with many different clients facing many different issues. In this course you will:

  • Receive coaching from your peers and coach your peers in a process fully supervised by a coach with thousands of hours of experience.
  • Present your coaching cases to your peers and your coaching trainer and receive enormously important feedback necessary for evolving your skills.
  • Practice team coaching with a masterful trainer so you can enhance your skills at entirely new levels.
  • Participate in a coaching skill development context aimed at continuous skill integration as you progress through the program.
  • Gain the confidence needed to take intuitive risks in client coaching inquiries.

Tuition and Fees

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Total: $603.00

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