Life Coach Clinic Laboratory 1: Enrollment Skills

Credit Hours: 10

Start Dates

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What’s Great About The Coaching Clinic Laboratory…

What’s the Life Coach Clinic Laboratory?

This is course in enrollment training or “enrollment coaching.” And just what is enrollment coaching? And why is enrollment training so important to a life coach?

We’ve noticed that many students new to health and life coaching assume that if they know how to coach, they can have a successful career. Yet the reality is that it takes more than just great coaching skills to be successful as a coach.

One of the essentials of coaching success is the possession of both business and enrollment coaching skills. Enrollment coaching is heart-based “sales” without the manipulation and with consideration of the clients needs. Of course “sales” without manipulation actually makes it something that isn’t “sales” at all which is why we call it “enrollment.” The bottom line is that one of the most important set of skills to create a successful coaching practice includes learning how to

  • Speak of what you do from a an authentically inspired place.
  • Engage others in processes that consider their needs and desires (enrollment coaching).
  • Ask for money and receive it.
  • Create connecting enrollment conversations.
That’s why we’ve developed this special life coach enrollment training lab where you will learn these skills and then go on to practice them in the coaching clinic (“Coaching Practice Sessions”).

What Else You Will Gain

  • Develop client inquiry and enrollment skills that enhance your client’s ability to make powerful and authentic choices for themselves.
  • Explore customer service skills in the clinical coaching context.
  • Discover the role of continuous quality improvement in developing client retention and referral behaviors.

Tuition and Fees

Registration Fee: $25.00
Tuition: $170.00
State STRF Fee: $0.00
Total: $195.00

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