Coaching Assessment and Planning Skills

Credit Hours: 10
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What’s Great About Coaching Assessment and Planning Skills…

What Is Coaching Assessment and Planning Skills?

Become an Expert at Client Needs Assessment and Planning

One of the differences between a mediocre coach and a great coach is that a great coach has an ability to identify what the client wants and needs, their strengths and capacities and identify limiting client behavior patterns very, very quickly. They know how to conduct effective and rapid coaching assessments.

Great coaches also know how to identify the interrelated issues in a client’s life that might be affecting their goal attainment. For instance, a great life coach will be able to assess if relationships at home are affecting relationships at work that are limiting achievement. A great coach will be able to determine if nutrition and other issues are affecting mood and if this is severely limiting a client’s ability to follow through on their goals. That’s one of the reasons why we call this a “holistic” program. Great coaches consider the interrelated aspects of the client’s whole life rather than promote ignorance.

Leverage Leading Edge Assessment Tools

In Life Coach Assessment and Planning you will develop the coaching assessment skills you need to be a great coach. You will gain access to tools that are on the leading edge of client empowerment and are more advanced than anything you’ve ever seen or imagined. As with all World School courses, we’ve developed the tools that you can use with your clients so you don’t have to develop these on your own.

Not only that, in this life coach assessment course you will also develop skills for formulating and presenting to your peers potential client empowerment plans. This way you can develop the coaching planning skills you need to assess and co-create with your clients plans that really, really work. Who’s open to that?

What’s Special About This Course?

This life coach assessment course is taught by David Ross who has 25 years of clinical coaching and counseling experience and who possesses a heart is at least as great as his intellect. He has literally worked with over 30,000 individual clients.

David is one of the directors of this program. Life coach assessment and planning is one of his passions and areas of expertise. He has extensive experience in health and life coaching, applied psychology, Non-Violent Communication, and Positive Psychology. For the last ten years he has focused on developing unique approaches to coaching that leverage the power of intention and that result in measurable client success outcomes.

What You Will Gain

  • Develop interview skills for conducting in-depth coaching assessments of clients needs.
  • Develop professional case presentation skills for peer review of client empowerment planning.
  • Learn the art of co-creative planning for reliable client outcome achievement.
  • Explore the relationship between thorough professional assessment skills and success in client enrollment.

Tuition and Fees

Registration Fee: $25.00
Tuition: $170.00
State STRF Fee: $0.00
Total: $195.00

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