Your Power to Create

Credit Hours: 38

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What’s Great About Your Power to Create…

What Is  Your Power to Create?

Your Power to Create is a course in behavior change. It is also the follow up to Thank and Be Wealthy! World School’s flagship course.

Why behavior change? And why is behavior change so important to a health coach or a life coach?

As you may know, the mind and emotions are involved in every achievement, every healing event, every experience of success. Every single event. This course explores the internal and social practices that facilitate achievement and ensure that the behavioral change you want for your life occur and remain sustainable for a lifetime. And as you apply these principles to your own life, you gain first hand experience as to how to facilitate your client’s access to the principles of intention and sustainable behavior change in their own lives as well. How cool is that?

At an even more FUNdamental level, what is possible for you in this behavioral change course is foundational to your ability to create or attract what you want in every area of your life (wealth, health, wisdom, relationships, success, healing, inner connectedness, spirituality, etc.) and for the rest of your life.

Similar to all World School courses, this behavior change course is a FUN-intensive designed to support you in developing habits of thought, emotion, language and behavior that will make the greatest day of your life until now seem commonplace.

Especially For You

This course is especially intended for you if you…

  • Eagerly want or expect to fulfill each and every one of your dreams.
  • Want to connect profoundly with yourself and everyone around you.
  • Seek new ways of enjoying those people you have learned to judge.
  • Yearn to release the pain of self-criticism and celebrate yourself.
  • Desire to stop hiding from your past and live in the present moment.
  • Are willing to discover and follow your passions and your inner-guidance system.

Extraordinary Benefits

Some students remark that they prefer Your Power to Create over Thank and Be Wealthy! because they are able to go into important topics in far greater depth and create more practical, “apply it to your life” integration. Here are just a few of the benefits you will have the opportunity to create for yourself:

Celebration and Enjoyment

  • Let go and authentically enjoy yourself—all your differences—exactly as you are.
  • Allow yourself more authentic celebration, gratitude and ease than you thought possible.
  • Transform your inner pain into all the laughter and ease you’ve been asking for.
  • Love and celebrate and adore your life and the people in it—all of it and ALL of them.

Success and Abundance

  • Apply the common wisdom upon which all achievement and all forms of success are founded.
  • Let go of your thoughts that limit what you tell yourself you can have. Allow yourself to “have it all.”


Mental and Emotional Behavior Change

  • Transform your inner experience of life—think and feel the way you’ve always dreamed of.
  • Allow yourself to live life deliberately rather than in reaction to life’s circumstances.
  • Rapidly release even more habits of negativity, stress, anxiety, shame, judgment, limiting thoughts, anger and depression.


Passion, Purpose and Bliss

  • Rediscover what you love and be-do-have that.
  • Discover the bliss of being, doing and having what you love.


Optimum Health and Living

  • Imagine and create your optimum lifestyle.
  • Explore the message of your emotions and the access they give you to outrageous health.


Self-Esteem and Self-Responsibility

  • Release whole worlds of self-doubt, self-criticism, and “poor “self-esteem.
  • Release your habitual attachments to crisis and “drama” and “fixing” and projecting.


Connection and Self-Acceptance

  • Rediscover the secrets of profound connection with others and your inner- higher-self.
  • Feel your emotions fully and release your chronic emotional avoidance patterns forever.
  • Discover and embrace your inspiring essence and release your unconscious need to fix or change yourself and everyone around you.

Tuition and Fees

Registration Fee: $25.00
Tuition: $646.00
State STRF Fee: $0.00
Total: $671.00

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