Coaching Certification Training

A Special Fusion of Health and Life Coaching

Welcome to our San Francisco holistic health coach and life coach certification training program.

Health coaching and life coaching careers can fulfill even your most outrageous desires for a life of meaning and achievement.

Participate in what may be the most advanced and mature holistic health coach training and life coach certification training in the world.

Explore a meaningful experiential health and life coach certification program that's been developed over more than 30 years and successfully tested with thousands of students.

Generate tangible and sustainable results in your own life as well as the lives of your many happy clients. Enjoy!


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What’s Special Here?

World School’s combined health coach and life coach certification training is unique in all the world.

You will receive intelligent…integrated…inspirational and experiential training in ten key dimensions that are essential to success in coaching and life:

  • (w)Holistic Health and Wellness LIFESTYLE AND BEHAVIOR Training
  • Life Coaching and Holistic Coaching Skills
  • Relationship Training
  • Mindfulness/Present Moment Training
  • Self-Healing/Transformation
  • Coaching Business and Enrollment Skills
  • Power of Intention/Mind-Emotions Training
  • Holistic Leadership Training
  • Sustainable Behavior Change Training
  • Mind-Body-Spirit-get-out-of-your-friggin-head-and-into-your-heart Training!

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It’s Singular…

  • Holistic Health + Life Coaching Skills + Transformational Training
  • Oldest Coaching Training Program in the country
  • Broadest coaching curriculum available
  • Only coaching education of it’s kind!
  • Optional: Integrate Coaching with Massage!
  • Thousands trained over 30+ years
  • $14 per credit hour. Graduate debt-free!
  • Nine months; part-time; two weekends/month
  • Many classes under 10 students!
  • Many breakthroughs in coaching education

And Just What IS Holistic Life Coaching?

What’s unique about our health and life coach certification is that it’s a hybrid of health coaching, life coaching, counseling, entrepreneurship, psychology, somatics (mind-body), holistic lifestyles and leadership training.

World School’s vision for excellence in holistic health and life coaching combines

  • The leading edge of holistic health and wellness coaching with
  • Beginning and advanced life coach certification training along with
  • Profoundly transformational work that affects absolutely the deepest core of human experience,
  • Personal health and wellness lifestyles training as well as
  • Somatics (Mind-Body-Therapeutics) and Positive Psychology
  • Advanced leadership training.

And just why is embodying all this so important for your career as well as generating a lifetime of success?

Because your personal transformation and ability to embody what you coach is key to your client’s transformation. And if your clients transform, they create outcomes that are real and that truly last. Always!

Receive an Authentically (w)Holistic Education

World School has been at the forefront of education in the holistic movement since it began in San Francisco nearly 35 years ago.

We use the term (w)holistic because our entire education is designed to support the full range our our student’s needs for health of body, mind and spirit.

That’s why we have courses in communication, mindfulness, stress management, nutrition, fitness, positive psychology, self-healing, thought-emotion repatterning, leadership and more.

As a starting point, we see our students and clients as “whole and complete,” i.e., no one is broken or in need of “fixing” or “treatment.”

Therefore, we don’t suppress symptoms, we facilitate release of the root issues so that sustainable solutions are found.

By (w)holistic, we realize that everything in the world and within ourselves is deeply inner- and interconnected. Additionally, we’re aware that our clients are connected to larger circles of family and friends and that these always need to be considered too.

Therefore, we consider the (w)hole range of client needs, not just their presenting issues.

In practice, authentically (w)holistic means that when it comes to our students, we consider far more than the development of their coaching skills and knowledge; we empower the transformation of their (w)hole being because it’s (w)hole beings who are most able to give others access to greater levels of (w)holeness as well!

HOLISTIC Life Coach = Holistic Health + Coaching Skills

Before you embark on a health coaching or life coaching career, interview any coach with 10 years or more of experience.

What they will tell you is that to have a lasting and successful private coaching practice and be able to promise results for your clients you will need more than basic technical coaching skills training and positive intentions.

You’ll need:

  • excellent coaching skills training
  • powerful communication and empathy skills
  • holistic training (every aspect of a client’s life affects every other)
  • to learn to tune in to and balance your intuition and intellect
  • advanced coaching business skills and
  • to transform yourself extensively and effectively.

Why? It’s your ability to create tangible outcomes and results for your clients, to communicate empathetically, to be fully “present” with your clients, and even to be able to ask for money and get referrals that make the difference between a successful health and life coach and a dropout!

Our holistic health and life coach certification school has been addressing all these issues that are critical to client success and coaching business success for decades.

Discover what happens when you combine all of these skills with your passions and talents. It’s magical.

Breakthroughs in Health and Life Coach Training

Our holistic coaching and healing school has been asked to develop a holistic life coach certification and transformational training curriculum for over 8,000 schools as part of a global entrepreneurial development project involving over 190 countries.

We were asked to do this because World School is one of the few institutions in the world that approaches coaching, healing, leadership and personal transformation in such a profoundly and authentically holistic and integrated manner.

So for the last ten years our faculty has been working diligently with experts in quality improvement, behavioral outcomes, conscious intention, mindfulness and more to develop innovative holistic health and life coach training that generates breakthroughs in our coaches lives as well as in the lives of their clients.

The result has been over eight proprietary training manuals composed of many hundreds of pages of techniques that have been tested on hundreds of students. Just our orientation manual alone is over 200 pages in length.

Be clear, this holistic health coaching and life coaching certification training is not a weekend coaching certificate program designed to give you a transient egoic identity. It is rich and deep and is grounded in sound evidence-based holistic-psycho-social-spiritual-emotional-behavioral-clinical models and techniques that anyone can learn and that produce measurable client results.

More importantly, the outcome has been revolutionary approaches to coaching that create measurable and sustainable behavioral change in client outcomes. Come visit us and learn more.

Why Coaching for Bodyworkers

World School’s life coaching and health coaching certificate program began at the same time as did its massage and healing training, over thirty years ago. Why?

Because our intent in both our massage and coaching certification programs has always been to facilitate the development of the best possible transformational healer-coaches anywhere.

Massage therapists eventually learn that their client’s issues almost always have mental and emotional roots.

Coaching is ideal for emotional release and repatterning client issues.

What’s more, when client’s are receiving bodywork, they are in a uniquely and powerfully receptive state for coaching support.

Finally, it is well known today that focusing on life-giving goals is one of the keys to releasing chronic stress and physical issues.

If you want to be as powerful a bodyworker as possible, become a therapist-healer-coach. If you are interested, read more about our Holistic Health Practitioner Program that combines healing bodywork with health and life coach training.

Coaches as Healers

As we shared above, World School’s Health Coaching and Life Coach Certification training began at the same time as did its massage and healing training, over thirty years ago. Why?

Because our intent in both our bodywork and coaching certificate programs has always been to facilitate the development of the best possible transformational healer-coaches anywhere.

Coaches will eventually learn that being able to be “tuned in” to their thoughts, emotions and intuition is one of the most important skills they can possibly develop.

Interestingly, bodywork training supports the development of intuition, self-awareness and presence in ways unlike any other training in the world.

Coaches will also learn that for many of their clients to achieve their goals, there are issues in their lives that will benefit powerfully from holistic healing approaches.

That’s why we include some of our most powerful healing courses in our coaching curriculum: to ensure that you facilitate your client’s healing and transformation as a foundation for the achievement and sustainability of their wildest dreams!


Holistic Health and Life Coaching Program

  • 500 Hours
  • $7,500
  • $14per credit hour
  • 9 Months: PART Time*
  • Certificates: Holistic Life Coach
  • Monthly Start Dates
  • Special Financing Available
*You may finish more quickly or take significantly longer depending on your availability. It’s all up to you.

Holistic Health and Life Coaching Program = 500 Hours

  • Aromatherapy & Flower Essences = 10 hrs
  • Coaching Assessment & Planning Skills = 10 hrs
  • Coaching Clinic Lab 1: Enrollment Skills = 10 hrs
  • Coaching Clinic Practice Sessions = 20 hrs
  • Coaching for Change: Your Power to Create = 38 hrs
  • Coaching Skill Development Teleconferences = 34 hrs
  • Energy Bodies Awakening, VHMT 3 Pt 1 = 34 hrs
  • Expression and Leadership = 66 hrs
  • Holistic Coaching Skills: Inquiry and Introspection = 12 hrs
  • Holistic Coaching Skills: Process = 14 hrs
  • Holistic Fitness and Nutrition = 53 hrs
  • Life Regression, VHT4 Pt 3 = 14 hrs
  • Private Mentoring/Coaching = 15 hrs
  • Repatterning: Birth, Breath and Being, VHMT 4 Pt 1 = 40 hrs
  • Team Coaching and Development = 30 hrs
  • The Mindful Lifestyle: Stress Management Coaching = 32 hrs
  • The Relationship Course, Pt 1: Compassionate Coaching = 22 hrs
  • The Relationship Course, Pt 2: The Path of Connection = 18 hrs
  • The Science of Success: Thank and Be Wealthy = 28 hrs

Design Your Own Holistic Life Coach Training Program…Really!

We like options. Most of our students like options too. You can design a coaching certification program of any length using any combination of courses you would like.

Keep in mind that our health and life coach certification program is highly, highly integrated from course to course.

If you want to exclude a course in the program, you will want to speak to a faculty advisor to make sure you understand the implications of any change relative to your learning goals. If you want to add a course, you may choose from any elective courses in our healing and bodywork programs.


Tuition and Fees

Registration Fee: $25.00
Tuition: $7,500
Total: $7,525.00

Enjoy the Benefits of Debt-Free Financing

With the lowest tuition we know of in the Bay Area ($15 or less per credit hour for coaching training) and special financing options available, there’s simply no reason to finish school with a debt burden. Graduate debt-free by investing in an affordable life coach education. If you’re interested in financing your education, let one of our uber-wise admissions advisors show you how. Call us now and schedule your personal holistic financial support meeting. Ask us how you can qualify for:

  • Free elective courses when you sign up. Really.
  • Our One-Step-At-A-Time-Pay-As-You-Grow-Plan. Yes!
  • Special scholarship program for students in the HHWP program.
  • Bonus courses when you “pay in full.”

We Like Curiosity

We love curiosity and we want to be able to answer all your questions. Here are links to frequently asked questions about our health and life coach certification and massage programs, classes and more.

Holistic Coaching FAQs

Getting started is easier than you might think. Two options:


Call one of our stupendously friendly admissions advisors and they will help you apply over the phone.

  • San Francisco Massage School: 415-221-2533
  • Pleasanton Massage School: 925-461-2533


Click on the “SCHEDULE YOUR TOUR” button below, complete the brief form and we will call you back to set up a private registration meeting.

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I am eternally grateful for both my own transformation and for the dream practice that I now own. Thank you World School.–Steven Budden, Graduate, Coaching and Bodywork Programs
In a very short time I was running way ahead with a successful holistic business. I now have an extremely successful business that is easy, fun and fulfilling. I had beliefs about my worth and value that left me continuously financially behind. I now have a deep trust that I can do and will have all I want and more! I have awakened to the truth about myself and I now live my life feeling continuously supported and loved.–Monica Welty, Graduate, Holistic Coaching Program
I’m living the life of my dreams NOW and I know that there is possibility for even more!–Amy Jones, Graduate, Holistic Coaching Program

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Life Coach Training Program: Redefining The Meaning of “Holistic”

Here are just a few of the exciting topics you will learn to live and model through your program in personal growth, holistic health and life coaching mastery:

  • Holistic Wealth Creation
  • Committed Relationships
  • Compassionate Communication
  • Holistic Nutrition & Fitness
  • Holistic Business for Coaches
  • Releasing Mental Programs
  • Weight Loss & Balancing
  • Attraction and Manifestation
  • Therapeutic Touch for Health
  • Chakra and Energy Fields
  • Death, Dying & Holistic Living
  • Holistic Leadership Practices
  • Holistic Health Coaching Skills
  • Holistic Life Coaching Skills
  • Stress Management
  • Emotions and Optimum Health
  • Self-Esteem Development
  • Life Purpose and Direction
  • Ecological Green Living
  • Feng Shui & Healthy Homes
  • Energy & Vitality
  • Aromatherapy & Flower Essences
  • Mindfulness and Presence
  • Stress Management Tools

You Have Many Choices…Always Have, Always Will

And by the way, our San Francisco coaching certification students attend classes approximately two weekends per month (including some Fridays).

Take one course at a time or the full program.

You may even design your own program. This is a cookie-cutter-free school.

Accessible = Affordable

Our commitment to accessible education means we keep our pricing incredibly affordable (Just $14 per credit hour!). We can show you how to graduate debt-free!

This includes pricing our program at one sixth of the per hour tuition rate of one coaching program in the Bay Area…(they even hide their per unit pricing so you don’t know. They whaaaat???)

Come visit us. Let’s connect. Let’s get you on your dream path!

How It Works

To accomplish the objectives of our Life Coach Certification Training Program, each class is designed so you can integrate the subject in your own life first.

When you authentically live what you teach, effective coaching becomes natural, simple, intuitive and incredibly effective.

Instead of a mental, left-brain exercise that fails to affect behavior change, holistic life coaching creates sustainable results for your clients.

In fact, our personal growth courses are so powerful that at least one half of our students attend to for the personal growth training alone.

The Key: Live and Model What You Coach!

Another way of saying this is that the doorway to powerful and successful coaching opens for you when you learn to EMBODY and MODEL what you coach AND BE SKILLED AT COACHING YOURSELF first.

That’s why our San Francisco life coach certification training provides practical, “apply-it-to-your-life,” sustainable behavioral change training in eight subject areas that are key to life coaching success:

  • Life Coach Skills and Assessment
  • Life Coach Business Success
  • Life Coaching and the Power of Intention
  • Holistic Leadership Practices and Ways of Being
  • Positive and Somatic Psychology (The most advanced fields of psychology today are foundational to powerful coaching)
  • Holistic Nutrition and Fitness (Your nutrition powerfully affects your thoughts, mood and behavior)
  • Mindfulness and Stress Management/Release Training
  • Loving Relationships and Empathic Communication Skills (Relationships are everything in coaching! Life coaching is relationships)

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Outrageously Grateful Students!

Thank and Be Wealthy was the greatest experience of my life!–Nancy H., Graduate
I am so overwhelmed with gratitude. My weekend experience at Thank and Be Wealthy was one of the top defining moments of my life. Right up there with the birth of my children.–Carla H., Graduate
Thank and Be Wealthy was the best investment of my life. My life has far greater meaning, purpose and direction!–Joy H., Graduate
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