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Over the last 30 years, David has helped tens of thousands of people live healthier and happier lives. David is a beloved and inspirational educator who brings to his courses at World School a wide array of professional backgrounds: psychology, theology, business, marketing, education, healthcare and the holistic healing arts.Over the last ten years, in addition to his teaching, David has worked as part of team of educators and financiers, to lay the foundation for a global effort to educate and fund entrepreneurs in private business in 190 nations.As part of this effort, David has developed courses in the field of optimum health and wealth, stress management, health and life coaching, mindfulness, life purpose, entrepreneurship, teaching and what's at the core of all of it: conscious intention (attraction, manifestation and the power of the mind).

Infinite Connection

Infinite Connection? …done!

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Declarations: Aligned With Joy

Open to even more joy? Speak it into existence.

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Exercise this Way and Live Years Longer

Here’s a link to a review of medical research that has enormous implications for our exercise efforts and our longevity. Enjoy!

LINK TO THE ARTICLE: The Right Dose of Exercise for a Longer Life


Artwork Credit: https://play.google.com


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Give Your Mind Chatter Empathy

Your mind chatter knows you well. So does your Inner Being:)

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Declarations: Infinite Possibilities

You are what you eat AND what you SAY…to yourself about yourself. Speak yourself into this world!

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Presence is Awareness

When did presence come to you today? Tell us in the comments!

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Today’s Declaration: My Love Keeps Expanding

Just remember that you don’t have to have evidence to make a declaration. The most powerful declarations come more from the heart than the mind!

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Declaration for Today: I Adore Me

It’s ok. Adoring you is what you’re higher self does anyway. Can you let that in? And remember, self-love is the real basis for loving others.

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Message From Your Inner Being: You’re Loved

Your Inner Being wants you to know how loved you are! And how much love you are spreading around:)

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Declaration: My Inner Guidance and I….

Just speak what you feel and let it come to you. Effort is not needed on this one! Besides, how will you reach higher levels of certainty of outcome if you always rely on effort to get you there.

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Let’s “Choose” This Moment!

The more we learn to stay in the present, the less we object to our circumstances, even work…even relationships. Let’s hang out more in the present moment!

Today’s Declaration: I am…

Who do you choose to be in this moment?

Remember, you don’t need evidence to speak your reality into existence. All you need is an open heart full of intention.

More Present Than You Think!

Maybe you’re more present than you think? Who’s open to being even more present?

I Choose to Be Amazing!

Are you open to feeling how amazing you are in this moment? Are you open to considering how your inner being/higher self feels about you? Feel the enjoyable emotions of inner alignment!

I Sense My Connection…

Dear friend,

Are you open to being even more grateful and present?

Remember: simply declare your outcome and let it come to you. Release any attachment to the when and the exact form of the outcome. What you get is often better than you can imagine!